She sensed it the minute she stepped into the house. Tonight was going to be different. Her hair stood on her skin as she realised she was already reacting to him. Her lips were suddenly dry. Her heart beat in anticipation. She smiled slyly at the thought of what she could do to him tonight… he had no idea.

Bassey got up from the toilet and fastened his shorts quickly. He didn’t want her knowing what he had been doing. For some reason, it was important to him that she kept her high opinion of him. “Gods don’t fart, and they certainly don’t take a shit!” he thought as he laughed to himself. He stepped out of the toilet and into the living room. She was there, taking off her 6 inch high sandal. She raised her head and smiled shyly at him. She suddenly blushed like she remembered all that her transpired between them the night before. He knew she liked it like that! He acknowledged her smile with a nod and walked back into the room.

He sat on the bed and took of his slippers. he was careful not to let his feet touch the carefully mopped ceramic tiles. He had insisted that she scrubbed the floors this morning. She had sweated on it during their lovemaking the night before and he hated the feel of grime. he took of his gym shorts and headed to the bathroom. As his ritual is, he took careful care to scrub his hands properly. They had delved into murky places in the last 24 hours and he was about to take them there again. The memory of her screams had him responding to her though she was not there… He wanted her again. He wanted her begging, squirming, bleeding. He wanted her under his control again. He laughed in sheer delight as the steamy hot water pealed his grime and his guilt, giving him a clear conscience for another night.

His laugh was loud and almost derisive. She wasn’t with him but she knew his routine. He was thinking about her. He was thinking about what he would do to her. She shuddered. Her pores broke into cold sweat and she had to clamp her legs together to stop the melting heat between them. She recited her steps again in her head as she washed the last tumbler and set it on his tray. She took out his choice cutlery and dropped it in the sterilizing bowl. She set it at the highest.

The pot bubbled with the speed of hell. Mariam turned off the cooker and headed to their room to shower. He would come out and serve himself when he was ready. It would keep the food safe and hot, just right for him. He was wiping dry with the fresh towels she placed in the rack when she walked in. She chided herself for walking into this trap. He had her on a stop watch. He could predict her every move, she wondered if he could predict this one.

As he had instructed, she took off her clothes in a slow strip tease. The buttons were undone carefully, her eyes were on him and her lips pursed in a pout. She folded her mesh top and turned her back on him to show off her ample backside as she carefully laid it on the bed. She could see the bulge rise under the hanging towel. She smiled

He watched her go for the top button of her jeans. He loved it when she did that one, just the way he taught her. She had on the tube top and the jeans now. He could bet there was nothing under either. He taught her well… She pulled down the jeans slowly with much effort, it was skin tight, just the way he liked it on her. It made the struggle to rip it more real, they didn’t have to fake that. And the thrill of the primitive struggle gave him more power, more control and more desire. She was his wife, it was good for her to remain desirable to him.

Like he guessed, she was bare beneath. When she came back from her teaching job earlier, he had asked her to take a bath. He thought of getting in the shower with her then, but he decided to make her wait. Her anticipation made her more desirable to him. She lacked the control when he had it. He smiled.

She worked the jeans down like he taught her to and spread her legs while pulling them off her feet for effect. He could see what she looked like there. And he could pant on it! He tube top stayed on till she walked into the bathroom. He had told her not to give it all at one. He said it killed the passion for him. And she always obeyed him. He was her husband and it was her duty to keep him satisfied.

The water was still very hot. He had turned up the heater for her. he said she needed more cleansing as she was out of the house the whole day. First to work, then the market. He stayed at home and lived off his fat inheritance. She had started this job to get away from him when it became unbearable. He was easily provoked. Unlike other husbands who hurt their wives, he didn’t just keep it at beating. He would have violent sex with her and hurt her physically while at it. At first it was fun, it was wild and intense like they had always had it while dating. He had kept the monster in him at bay then… Soon their lovemaking was requiring her getting medical attention often. At a point, she had to lie to her doctor that she had been raped. They had both gone for counseling and he had played the role of the understanding husband quite well. They now changed doctors every month. The only one he trusted was his late Father’s doctor and the old man was dead now. Lately, he appeared not to care how she got fixed anymore. “Well, that works for me now. I’m gonna fix this for good” she thought to herself as she stopped the scalding water from flowing.

She was getting boring he thought as he watched her lay on the bed and wait for him. He walked to the bed and jumped on her. She winced in pain as his elbows landed on her ribs. But she did not cry out. He massaged her breasts and closed his eyes in pleasure. He had always loved the soft feel of them in his hands. That was why he didn’t want her having any children, a baby will make them go flat. He knew how she liked it and he knew she wanted him still. So he gave in to her needs. Soon she was writhing under him. She moaned inside and did not utter a sound. He had told her she could only moan aloud when he was  inside her. He watched her enjoy his gentleness and he knew it was time. Stretching his free hand to the side of the bed, he picked the fresh pair of socks from the drawer and in one clean movement shoved the ball into her open mouth. She expected it and just bit down hard on it. He was coming in now. His intrusion into her body was sudden and rough. She tried to find some pleasure in it, she found little. The frustration began to rise in her again, but she bid her temper patience. He would love the fight. It had been a while.

After the first fifteen minutes, he got up suddenly and walked to the wardrobe. The box with what used to be their bed toys now contained his weapons of inflicting pain. The koboko had replaced the soft whip and the naked wire had taken the place of the padded handcuffs. He had added her acupuncture pins to the box too and they were used to puncture holes in the most unthinkable places. He tied her hands above her head with the wire and brought out the koboko. Her husband was ready to be entertained tonight.

He hit her the first time and her eyes flashed open in pain. She had known what he was about to do, but she could do nothing about it. The thought of her helplessness had him hardening again. He couldn’t wait to do this quick and get back inside her. He gave her the usual 15 strokes and then mounted her for effect. Tonight should be special, she was getting used to his routines. He undid the wires round her wrists and laughed at the blisters they had made. Then he gave her the koboko as he rammed into her again. His eyes shut in sheer delight as he bid himself to have some patience.

“That’s it… yeah…. that’s it…”

He handed her the koboko and said, “Hold it round your neck and hold it tight till you choke” he instructed.

She did as he said and was soon gasping for breath as he rode her to his private ecstasy. And just as he was reaching the height of his delights, she reached beyond her head to the window blind and picked the object she had hidden carefully. Before he could plunge back into her depths she sank it into his side with all the force she could muster. His movements stopped and his eyes slowly opened. She did not waste anytime as she pulled it out and plunged it into him again  in quick successions. She rolled him off her and climbed on top of him. She sat on top of him and rode his still hard member as she plunged her scissors into him again and again and again. The sound was like his ramming technic and the squishing sounds reminded her of the times when his torture was always a delight. This time, his was the fluid that made the rhythm, his was the hole. He gasped and tried to struggle but he was already a leaking mess of blood on the bed.

“Is this all you got?” She half screamed! “Is this all you got?”

She got off his now limp member and scattered the paper on his reading table. She tumbled the bed and kicked the bedside lamp on the floor. She emptied the contents of his drawer and threw the box near the door for effect. She heard him gasping and wheezing but she paid him no heed. She looked at the already scattered bed and smiled in satisfaction. The room looked messy enough. She picked the naked wire from the bed and tied it round her wrist again. She made sure she bled before she untied it. She fell on her knees and walked on her floors to the kitchen. His blood on her legs left visible marks all over the floor.

She walked into the kitchen and touched the pot of stew. It was still quite warm. She reached into the dustbin and picked up the phone she hid in there. She turned it on, sat on the floor and dialed her mother.

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      1. my darling Marya…. how can I begin to plead for your forgiveness? My crime is beyond what even my heart can forgive, how do I ask of you what I cannot ask of me? But I will try, though my flighty devotion to self label me a hypocrite. Your love may be more benevolent that I’s… babe, na slip of thinking, abeg! No vex! lol! (seriously, what was I thinking?!?!?)

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