This Life

This Life

The mysteries surrounding my tale
The inner secrets none understands
My stories go on to souls
As I embrace my tomorrow today

Life teaches many a lesson
Though through choice we go
I have seen the sun’s treason
As humans burns within learning

When peace is sent an errand
And the war with the gentle
Names and curses nothing commend
The word of life and truth brittles

At the end we all do burn
Though in different shades to look
This life is a place to run
But from above lays a joy
Salau O John©2010

Today the steps beckon homeward
After the running and hiding alive
No hiding place could be had
As success hides away in it

The journey of life and vision
Daily it boils the heart out
Even love could not throw caution
Home calling from above breaks in

The speed at which we run
Staying away from bout visions
Hoping the call will but turn
And holding unto comfort zone

Its time to move out here
Following the difficult task ahead
Knowing the caller does care
Its time obeying the coming home
Salau O John©2010

12 thoughts on “This Life” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. The first one is good and ended with a spiritual intonation.i felt you were putting across a fact that joy can only come from God.
    The second one reminds me of someone who has been in a foreign land too long.
    i love both once again.

  2. Treasured1,
    Maybe its just me,but I think I have to come back to this later. Sensing some obsurity, especially in the first poem.

  3. yeah, i agree with the words of Anderson,, nice poems.

  4. Your poems keep getting better,duh,very beautiful,really like the first one.
    May your ink never run dry.

  5. Lovely.
    Had to read twice to get the message. But after i did, i liked.

  6. @ Anderson..Thanks..just being me….

    @ Lawal…Thanks for trying…its all about man and living purpose…

    @ Adeyinka…Just my duties….

    @ gretel…Well, U know what they say…nothing ever comes easy nor can a house be finished in a day….

    @ Lade…Coming from you…Glad you did decipher the meanings within the lines….

    1. you are welcome.
      i am never dissapointed.

  7. Nice poems. Well done. I think by getting better, you might be getting obscure. Its getting tougher for me to decipher your poems oh. But that’s just me.

    I think this line in the first poem, “As humans burns within learning” should be missing the ‘s’ in burns.

    How do you get to post your poems in stanzas? Abeg share the secret oh.

    1. its true Abby,me too i have tried several times but it all come jumbled up.
      if you ever get an answer please do share.

  8. @ Abby..You are right it’s, “As humans burn within learning”…thanks, just a typo….

    Well, to I just post it the way I wrote them….basically, first typed on microsoft word, then posted….Tx

  9. okay,i will try that too and hope it works.
    thank you.

  10. No problem…All the best….

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