The Fairy God Mother

The Fairy God Mother

She woke up with a nasty hangover, her head hurt, yes of course it was supposed to hurt but then, she had a lot on her mind. Well, she had  had a rough life so far as a fairy god mother. She had been a government god mother, and had hit gold when one of her casual clients became a princess. She had been drinking in a bar randomly, had just started the night with her fellow mates, her drinking problem had been bad but not as pronounced as it was now.

To think that she had almost not left for Cinderella, her fellow fairy god mothers had gingered her to do the job and then come back. She had done it and then the next morning she opened the papers downing coffee to get rid of a horrible hangover of the night before, when she saw the news. The prince was looking for the lady whose leg would fit the glass slipper that was left behind. Her heart skipped a beat, this was her one chance to make it in life. When she was just a fairy, she only did tit bits in fairy tale stories, flying around the scene and little stuff like that, she had never made it when she was beautiful, and then she was promoted to Fairy god mother and was assigned to at least a hundred people, hell, she didn’t know how many, she hated her job. She had to make it big, she was determined to.

She dressed up as appropriate and went to her office, one she shared with another one hundred and fifty fairy god mothers, it sounded like chicken noise there. No one noticed her come, no one noticed her searching for a file and then carry it out. Here’s the deal, in the story, they told you that the prince searched the whole town and the last girl he tried was Cinderella, that’s just the story. What really happened was that the fairy god mother pulled some strings here, pulled some strings there, she had once been in service of the chairman of the board of the fairy god mothers when she was still young. He helped her speed the process. She had Cindy’s file forwarded to the King’s palace made sure it got to the prince, who without doubt recognized Cinderella.

So that’s how she got into celebrity status, she became the Fairy god mother of the year, just about overnight. Just some hard work for some two weeks and now she had more money than she could ever imagine. Of course she left her government job, and then her friends, she could not continue to keep those same set of friends. She had to admit she missed their company but then they had been jealous of her, blamed her for not telling them about it . What did they want her to do, get drunk and start blabbing about her case, she had done that countless number of times but she had remained sober for the two weeks she had worked on the case. She got a new house, numerous number of servants, and had generally increased her standard of living. Fairy tale  dollars was worth a lot, well, it was one dollar to a hundred fairy dollars. In her previous job she was earning twenty thousand fairy dollars a month. Now Cinderella was paying her five hundred thousand a month. She became a private agent and the big guys in the fairy world started signing up with her, Jack and Jill’s mother, The old woman who lived in a shoe, little miss Muffet and then Goldilocks. That earned her more than a million a month.

But then she got care free, who wouldn’t, she couldn’t have been blamed, she had worked hard for two weeks of her life and now she was earning more than a million on just being the name behind some main characters in fairy land. She spent a lot on drinking, she threw parties and generally she became a public disgrace to the game. She was in innumerable number of scandals, at least once every two months she was found drunk somewhere not very private. She probably was not the only fairy god mother who got drunk, but she was the only one who did in public places, she had a hangover just about every morning, that was when Cinderella decided to  terminate their contract. She did not want to continue answering questions pertaining to her fairy god mother. A fairy god mother was meant to guide her clients, but now she was the one answering questions for her fairy god mother.

They had gone to court, she had insisted, she could not just be ripped off the big picture like that, she was the one who had gotten Cinderella into the limelight, if she had decided to stay in that bar with her friends that night, she wouldn’t have attended the ball, she had worked Cinderella up the chains, now Cinderella wanted to be done with her? No way! She was not going to take that. She hired an expensive lawyer who was to argue her case for her, her lawyer had told her to be of her best behaviour to look as sober as possible, she should stop drinking at least for the trial period. You can smoke but don’t drink, Cindy’s lawyer was very good too, while the fairy god mother’s lawyer argued that the Fairy god mother had gone out of her way to make sure the prince got her file, Cindy’s lawyer had argued that it was her obligation to do so, she had been paid for the job, if she had done less she would have been liable to be sacked. Besides was she the one who had given Cinderella her beauty, and then the fairy god mother was slacking in her duties, she would not have sacked her if she had been good, she was now a drunk who could not be held responsible for anything.

Her lawyer was considering pleading for a probation, begged her to not to do anything stupid, foolish her, she got drunk in a bar and passed out, paparazzi got her good. Cinderella is not a just some pretty girl who loves all things that are good, flowers, mice and singing. She was the one who leaked that story to the jury, that singular act drowned her fairy god mother, she lost the case, with nothing at all, and she still had to pay her lawyer. Cinderella, also to destroy any feelings whatsoever the public had for her former fairy god mother said in her new book  The life and Times of a Cinder Girl Vol. 1 that her fairy god mother was a bit tipsy the night she had appeared to her. Goldilocks was bringing her a monthly revenue of 3oo thousand fairy dollars a month, she too wanted out. She already had a bad enough image from her story, she did not want the price of her stocks to go down, this time she didn’t put up a fight. She drowned further in her alcohol, then decided that if she did not do something fast about her career, her overhead costs would make her bankrupt, she was earning so little now compared to what her costs were. So she pulled some strings here and then using her formal connections, she tried to get some more fairy tale stars, that’s when she found peter pan, he would have paid her much, but he was in a tight contract now, and he could not bridge it, but he suggested something that would take away all her problems, she couldn’t resist, anything that would take away this cruel world at least for a while. She started doing drugs, you know how that ever goes, she went to rehab, during which period she lost almost all her clients and the overhead costs and all got her bankrupt.

When she came out of rehab, she moved back to her old place, and then she got some clients, about fifteen of them at the end of her first year back in her old place. Her clients people who believed they could get lucky, people who looked at her past records, the only one actually being Cinderella and thought, she could still pull this off.

On one depressing night, one of her reluctant brownies got her a bottle of beer, had her hooked again, she wasn’t earning much again, about eighty thousand, the bulk of it coming from The old woman who lived in a tree, her most faithful client, had stuck with her through the rough and good times. Now she was not going to be sure of that income anymore, the old woman’s house had been burnt down, just after she had visited her, irony of the topic, she had wanted the fairy god mother to help her get rid of the child, same child burnt her house on the same day.

Now fairy god mother, you can call her Cecilia, was wallowing in self pity, when a mysterious message had come to her, asking for some meeting time. She had no way of replying, till the second message came, a meeting place had been set, funny enough she recognized the bar, it was one of those which she frequented when she was still earning twenty thousand pops a month. He wasn’t any better than any of her clients, just some mediocre idiot, but her decision to go changed her life forever, almost the same way, going for Cinderella’s help had changed her life. She went to the bar where she was met by some evil looking gnome who led her to some compartment she had never seen all her time drinking in that place, he wouldn’t answer any of her questions, but then she had nothing to lose, if this turned out bad, she would buy cheap beer and then call a cab home. She entered the dark room, and low and behold, the Gingerbread man was there waiting for her. She was shocked beyond reasoning, her heart almost stopped. Well, you may think, that’s not too shocking is that, no, but he had been reported dead, eaten by the Fox on one of their live tours, but he was there with her, flesh and blood, a few minutes in conversation, she knew her life would never be the same again.

26 thoughts on “The Fairy God Mother” by Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu)

  1. Hmm…I’m kind of wondering what to make of this. I think it’s a creative attempt to go behind the scenes in the fantasy world of children’s stories.

    There’s a comic series that does a very similar thing in which fairy tale characters lives are further extended and we see how they live besides the ones we know in thier stories.

    Still, I applaud your depth of imagination…quite impressive!

  2. Good stuff. Quite unique, I must say.

  3. @Afronuts…Pray tell what’s the series called and how do I get it?
    @Adeyinka…Love your imagination..but your sentences look rushed in some places. Overall you did a good job..

    1. @Mercy…It’s titled ‘Fables’ and is published by Vertigo Comics which is an arm of DC Comics. You should find it available in stores that sell DC comics.

      You could also download it from torrent or sharing sites. A good example of where you could download it is at Just enter ‘fables’ in the search box and you’ll get results of series collected by other users that you can download.

      But you’ll need a comic book reader software to view it on your system. That too can be easily downloaded; Just google it and you’ll get the set up.

      1. Thanks Afronuts will check itout ASAP

  4. very different, i like the way you worked it all together, adding new twists as the story progressed.

  5. I like the general concept, but I think the execution could have been better. I found some of the sentences and expressions a bit problematic, and as a whole, it was quite difficult to read.

    And this:
    //numerous number of servants// should have been ‘numerous servants’ or ‘a large number of servants.’

    But like I said, the general concept is very good, and it shows creative thinking. Well done.

  6. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    love the concept…love the did seem a tad bit rushed thou like Mercy said,on the whole very good, u should watch out for the problematic expressions like Uche said

  7. this was unique,you spun a nice tale,nice one.

  8. I applaud your imagination and i really enjoyed reading this. Made me laugh.
    However, you could have told this better; it seemed rushed and kinda jumbled together.

  9. This was a fun read! I totally enjoyed it! But I agree that it could have bee ntold better. The idea in itself is very rich, but you were too sparse with your play on words. Being fantasy, I think you should have played and ‘punned’ wore with your sentence constructions. All in all, it was very very entertaining! I absolutely love it!

  10. Well, nice creative work you’ve got here, going into the cartoon world…though I concur with Lade…U could have told it better….



  12. Reminds me of the drunk fairy that gave the gift of obedience to a Princess at birth; turned out to be a curse. She remained drunk.

    For a guy delving into the fantasy world, you try. Just doesn’t come across to me as something a guy would do. You’ve recieved quite a bit of critique, pay attention to them. Well done, I liked this.

  13. Hmm, Fantasy. Unique!
    You try guy, I like this.

  14. Your creativity wows me … keep it up!

  15. ha, thanks guys for all the comments, really appreciated.

  16. Um, if anyone of you is interested, this is a disconnected continuation to one of my previous posts THE OLD WOMAN which was the first story.

  17. The darker side of fairy tales… I like the concept a lot actually. Still I think it was missing a bit of ‘whimsy’ which is what makes fairy tales work in the first place. Think shrek 1 & 2 where we enter into the daily lives of mythical creatures without losing the ‘ah’ factor. Show us their dark, casual or ordinary sides, but keep some of the wonder- i think it’ll sustain your story’s charm. Well done! Way to think outside the box!

  18. i like your unique work and creativity.
    very nice and impressive.

  19. Hmmm, this piece had me hooked from start to finish. For a minute, I thought I was reading an Harry Potter fantasy. Great job

  20. thank you all for the comments, i’m glad you liked it. just wanted to see what you guys thought of it.

    1. now you know what we think.
      well done.

  21. I may post another rewritten folktale story using some of these previous characters, later.

  22. I love this. I really like when people turn old stories we’ve heard over and over again into something fresh. Well done.

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