Star Struck!

Star Struck!

I dont know what to call this

‘Cos I’m trying hard but can’t get any peace

I see your face when I stare at the wall

I even thought you were the one on screen playing ball

I wonder what you’re doing right now

Want to be part of your life but dont know how

You intrigue me

Mesmerise me

Confuse me

Excite me

I’m at my best when I hear you ‘pitching’

It’s strange, I can’t understand what I’m feeling

So many people want to be with you

But please look my way, I know I can complete you

When you sing I want to fly

Then you stop and I just want to cry

‘Cos you enthrall me

Captivate me

Fascinate me

Entrance me

I’ll be at the back of the hall

Wearing a black dress and I’m not that tall

I’ll be sitting by myself

Waiting for you, like a figurine on a shelf

And when the paparazzi have done their part

I’ll gather my wits and tell you my heart

‘Cos I want more than your autograph

I want to be beside you and forever make you laugh.

37 thoughts on “Star Struck!” by RemiRoy (@RemiRoy)

  1. Truly ‘STAR STRUCK’! You got it right from the title to the poem to the choice of words to the end. Perfect!

    1. wow, thanks Lade. Never really thought i could pull a poem off.
      Thanks again!

  2. … you sure had a crush on the star … and I hope it strikes! Nice 1 @RemiRoy!

    1. nah! not sure it will ever strike. lol
      Thanks dear!

  3. The musician he have marry o! Hehe… But nice one. You try nah. Why d disclaimer? *hiss* Keep writing abeg…

    1. really? he have marry? mshew… what a drag!
      lol. Tnx cikko!

  4. Where’s the disclaimer?

    This is really good, Remi. I enjoyed it so much. Loved the rhyme scheme, love the emotion expressed. Well done.

    1. Yeah, where’s my disclaimer? lol
      tnx Uche. i appreciate the comment!

  5. Ok, I just noticed the disclaimer. Totally unnecessary, Remi.

  6. No min d girl…e be like Jay Z who’s always in a hurry to tell people he does not rap…so that he can deflect criticism with that ‘excuse’…pschewwww!!!!

    Who be the star…na dat wan consaign me!!!

    Oh…ok…the normal cliched…NICE…

    But really…lol!!!!

    1. Not fair, Seun. Me no Jay Z o! Lol

  7. What can I say here…U got the words and ways…now U must be really star struck….keep em coming….

    1. Thanks treasured1!

  8. Remi nice one. Definitely star struck. Like it.

    1. Thanks Abby! Thanks or the comment. glad you like it.

  9. Beautiful,is the star MJ?hope you crushed him,duh.nice piece oh,Ahum who’s the star?you rock

    1. MJ ke! Nooo… never was. but ahem!..the star? a secret :)
      Thanks gretel

  10. First thing me knows’s that a star inspired this surely, the disclaimer go only confuse guys on some other site not people like us. The two words ‘confuse’ and ‘entrance’ are quite powerfully used. This is wonderfully done. Well done.

    1. Thanks Jaywriter.
      so my disclaimer didn’t fool you? lol
      Am not a poet, really. i find it hard but i just wanted to try.

  11. i think the crush is a football player, or someone into sports, nice one @RemiRoy i liked it alot

    1. Lol, sports hmmm?
      Thanks Meena. hows ur story coming?

  12. I love rhymes, and this one had a great ring to it…Me likey too!!

    1. Thanks Mercy me!
      I’m glad you like it.

  13. lovely poem Remi,
    i love every line most especially the rhymes too.
    well done.

  14. Commenting on poetry is leaving my comfort zone, but i liked this and the rhyming was gooooood…

  15. nice rhyming in this poem. This was more like an obsession to me.

    1. hmmm, obsession? hmmm…lol
      Thanks Yinka.

      1. Come to think of it, what qualifies it as an obsession?
        No stalking done naw. :)

  16. Loves it! i like how you added the words in italic it really helped to explain how captivated you were by this person. Intense. I have felt this way about a Star before….but once i met him..urgh it went away fast!

  17. Ah, so what happened. the star wasn’t worth all the hype? :)
    Thanks dear. Glad u like this.

  18. Hey!!!!!!!! Now, I’m glad I looked up your archive. If you surprised anyone by doing poetry so well, certainly not me! After I read one or two posts from your blog way back, I could tell from your style that you had all the literary qualities to do poetry exceptionally. Really excited now, reading a poem of yours for the first time sincerely. In my opinion, you should try poetry more.

    1. Really Tee? well i used to write poems in Sec. Schl. but those were just childish scribblings. The I lost interest, I just did this on a whim.
      Glad you like it. Tnx

  19. Hmm, hmm, hmm… Words fail me. RemyRoy?!!!

  20. Remi Roy, well done here. You have done some good work and everyone seems to say you are really good despite your continual ‘Jay Z’ing (thanks @Seun-Odukoya). The rhymes really work for you and have sang away any blemishes that your poem might contain – little wonder no one seems to be saying anything else.
    On the whole, Madam ‘Non-poet’ we like this prose :) More, please?

  21. This is really sweet O, especially the italized parts; I like how you dedicated a line to each italized phrase and how you double spaced them to heighten their effect.


    ‘…and I’m not that tall’ didn’t connect well with that line or the one before in my opinion. I guess you were trying hard to rhyme there.

    Is ‘…tell you my heart’ a correct clause? Would like to know.

    Very nice poem. Keep improving your art.

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