On That Day

On That Day

On the day I was born

The wick of a small lamp brightly burned

The rain met the sky with stubborn brute

It beat an anticipating sound on our tin roof

When I silently came

On that cold night in may

I slipped into a waiting arm

My tiny buttocks was firmly spanked

Relentlessly I cried i was a handful for anyone

Yet hard they tried

Not even a gong announced my entry

No one came dancing with drums and tambourines

There was no seven-day feast

Just a father’s warm smile

A mother’s breast milk

And a neighbors palm wine

No one brought me a gift

While I was blissfully asleep

I grew quickly into a man

A destiny drawn through a tortuous path.

On the day you were born

Many corporations stood at a stand still

Many prayed

Others paced

While you were eagerly anticipated

When you came

Endlessly you cried

Screaming joy into the waiting world

Nurses scurried around

Tending to your every jerk of the hand

A week later

Men of eminence gathered

Journalists jostled for space

Cameras pried for a glimpse of your face

Your arrival was greatly heralded

Your family gloriously celebrated

The heir to a great empire

On the eve of that cold November

Many gifts and cars were given to you

Even though your limbs were still soft and new

Your destiny was set that day

Later arranged and re arranged

On a dramatic pathway

A planned future, ready and made.

On the day our path crossed

We stood high on campaign hills

I strung together elegant words

While you strewn the streets with looted Naira bills

You waved from the open roof of your Rolls Royce

While I danced in the city square to my peoples voice

Yours was a grand coronation

Mine was a call for a revolution

You eyed and I smiled

You schemed and I screamed

Your sword was the newspapers and televisions

While mine was a true outline of my great vision

My words burned brightly in their heart

While your Naira bills was your only pact

On that hot afternoon in March

You knew I was more than just a match.

On the day that we met

On the shores of a foreign land

We shook hands

And you praised my prowess

You asked how I made it

And I told you of nation building

You asked for the source of my power

And I told you I needed no cabal

You marveled like a new bride

Ready to join the moving tide

On the day we met

An incumbent president and the next

We streamlined our alliances

Built a better vision for our masses

On the day we met

Our nation rose to a towering crescent.

27 thoughts on “On That Day” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Amazing! Bros, you string words like a pro!
    I like the subtle beginning, then the contrasting situations under which they were born.
    So, the visionary became president? I hope it happens in real time as it does in poems.
    I love this Paul. well done!

    BTW, huh…I hope you didn’t share in that neighbour’s palmwine,
    On that day you were born?! :)

    1. yes,he did become president.
      glad you love it.
      lol,about the palm wine,i must have taken just a little sip to welcome me into the world.
      thank you.

      1. just a little huh? hmmm, i see. lol.
        well done again!

        1. Just a little sip,nothing that i wasn’t in control of.lol

  2. THis

    1. Thank you Seun.
      glad you like it.

  3. Mr.Anderson! You try! You talked about physical birth of babies, birth of a revolution and also discoveries that can change lives. I must say it was a bit difficult reading in between the lines (verses), but I got it in my own way. Discoveries and births bring about change, lasting change. You showed it in this poem. Good one, Paul!

    1. yes,
      it talked about two births under two different circumstances and also the birth of a new nation.
      it was in stanzas,dont know what happened.
      glad you understood it.
      thank you.

    1. Wow.
      that is a lot
      thank you.

  4. What can I say…what can i say…just too worthy of words…the birth of a nation calling….praying it comes to reality not in words….

    1. i pray so too bro.
      thank you.

  5. This is nice. I like the contrasting pictures you painted describing the situations they were born into. Very good writing, Paul.

    1. Thank you Uche.
      glad you like it.

  6. I have always thought you a great poet, but this, this is beyond great, it’s AWE-FREAKIN-SOME! Of all your poems i’ve been privileged to read, i love this the most. Okay, enough gushing, before i wind up stealing you from – you know who, lol.

    1. hmm, Lade. this is not just gushing, it’s mushing o! lol. :)
      I agree with you, this is about the best of Paul I’ve seen. for now sha. i believe there’s more where this came from.

      1. Thank you Remi,i hope to keep writing and doing better than i am doing now.

    2. i am so so flattered Lade,thank you very much and also thanks for not trying to steal me away.lol

  7. Aha,you’ve done it again,serzly I’m speechless and I’m sure you know what I would love to say,this even brought tears to my eyes,this is the bombbbbbbb and serzly you’re no cassonova,this is a proof.
    I’m your #1 fan.
    Ahum,you rock.

    1. Thank you so much dear,i am flattered and glad to know you are my no 1 fan.
      that means a lot.

  8. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! The best poem Ive read in a while. keep it up!

    1. oops
      thats flattering.
      thank you a lot.

  9. MEEEEEEN!!! What can I say again after all that has been said? This is so FREAKING GREAT!!!That is all the words in my mouth.Shikena!!!

    1. i understand,thank you.

  10. Great work Paul; am I impressed. Don’t think I can surpass all the eulogies you’ve already received, so please accept my humble ‘well done’.

    1. thank you very much
      your humble well done is highly appreciated.

  11. you are truly a literary giant!splendid.

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