Little Memories

Little Memories

We played in the burning tropical sun, and as its light kissed our thick black hair

We made our skipping ropes from the long leaf stems, and leapt about like frogs prancing round the yard

Our legs, light but firm gave us wings and we flew like the soaring eagles in the afternoon sky

I tapped you on the shoulder, and you followed me to the mud puddle and together we moulded tiny wet figurines from brown earthy clay

Then with patches of dirt plastered on our faces, we strolled to the stream and washed our feet in sullied water where little kindred spirits giggled, splashing all about.

I lost my plastic bag with the grasshoppers inside and the tiny bits of green you pulled from the ground.

So I cried and cried, till you found them kicking their legs and munching underneath the large boulder, where ants and millipedes made busy with forage.

With sweet relief I smiled and hugged you tight before we parted ways to find our ma’s and pa’s.

Two days after, I came outside to play once more but you were not there.

Then with my head hung low I marched home to help mama pack my things before leaving for Canada on the giant white plane.

When we get there, I stand by the window and watch the snow fall on Christmas day.

There will be no children running around the street today, searching for masquerades with long scary canes

With large eyes I stare at the misty winter fog and from it I pretend to mould an image of you in my mind.

A picture comes to me, vivid and yet clear-

I see a beautiful ebony face gazing at the sun, but I cannot remember the name.

I love you,

So I cry.


32 thoughts on “Little Memories” by janeiwenofu (@janeiwenofu)

  1. i didnt like the name of the poem, but it was lovely in the end.

  2. Very poignant…brought back my own childhood memories of lost friends. Well done Jane..

  3. This is nice. I like the innocence portrayed in the poem.

  4. Thanks for your feedback. I wrote this as a way of dealing with the childhood friends i lost touch with after leaving nigeria as a young child. I often wondered about my best friends and where they might be today. Writing this piece helped me to release the pain of loosing them.

  5. Title was good, don’t quite agree with Adeyinka. Quite a nice poem. We’ll always miss our childhood and the people in them. Kinda reminds of ‘Those Days’, one of me NS poems. Not half as good as yours oh, but kinda in the same direction. You can check it out.

  6. Thanks Jay for your wonderful comments.Yes we’ll always miss the people in our childhood- that is very true..There’s something about broken connections that always seem to grip our hearts as we recount memories from the past. I miss my naija people sha. I will definitely read your poem@jay. Im sure I will love it just the way it is :)

  7. I liked this too Jane. A mixture of a child’s feelings with adult expressions. The struggle to remember and hold on to the things you hold dear. But somehow, time happens, memories fade and leave you feeling bereft. It worked for me. Well done.

  8. Now you make me want to cry too.Very well written.Some parts could still use some work e.g ‘We played in the burning tropical sun, and as its light kissed our thick black hair’ You could lose the ‘its’,I guess it came with the mind as you were writing it.well done!

  9. Brilliant! absolutely brilliant! the imagery was quite profound. loving this. you know they say; twenty children will not play in the sand for twenty years. still its hard to let go. (I can relate). Nice!

  10. very nice poem Jane.
    you brought out the love of friendship and its innocence.

  11. Simple. Short. Sweet. Beautiful. Poignant. Pointworthy.

    (15 points coming up.)

  12. A lovely one I’ll say…the innocence of childhood friendship lost remembered…I love your piece….

  13. This is so lovely,made me smile oh,I didn’t have a childhood so I don’t miss one but I love children so much,beautiful piece duh

  14. Aww… Your imagery was second to none. You picked exquisite words to show a child’s thoughts. Loved it!

  15. @gretel…girl what do you mean you don’t have a childhood? You grew up too fast?
    @jane..beautiful poem love…i love the way you compare her perception of the nigerian environment to canada’s…snow and the sun..lovely..

  16. This is what happens when one comments late on a post; everyone uses up all the words in the dictionary. Re-using such words makes the compliment lose its authenticy but well done girl. Am sure you know that means much more.

  17. awww im so touched by all of your feedback. I wrote this poem from a place deep inside my heart and was lucky to find the right words which captured the message i was trying to convey. I really appreciate all the love. Thanks

    1. you did a great work on this one and you deserve all the praise.
      well done.

  18. sweet, sweet innocent poem. I really really like!

  19. JaysPLANET (@JaysPLANET)

    Hmmm…I like this. Nostalgic in a sweet way.

  20. @ estrella,yeah I grew up too fast and my parents never let us(my bros and I)to play outside the house,we got so used to that,and we grew with it.

  21. @gretel..thats really sad
    no child deserves that.
    everyone should have a happy childhood.

  22. Thank you@Anderson Paul. I appreciate the love for the poem and thanks to everyone for the great comments.

    1. you are welcome
      you always get that when you are good at what you do.

  23. Very sweet, yet so very sad. Beautifully written; I love this.

  24. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)


  25. So i cry.
    I also often wonder about friends of yester years. Good work Jane, lots of people will relate to this.

  26. Thank you Elly :)

  27. Janie you are so talented.. The sky is your limit

  28. Thank you treech. It’s comments like yours that motivate me to keep putting out beautiful work. Thank you very much

  29. That was done in a nitty-gritty manner

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