Einstein / Misleading Angels

Einstein / Misleading Angels

2 poems from my days as a freshman in uni… Men, I was whack!


Some tranquil is necessary,
Even for the military,
When worthy occasions,
Undergo deliberations.

Solitude is of essence,
When inspiration descends,
And one must have some quiet,
When the thinking roads he plieth.

Privacy must prevail,
When dreams must not go stale,
The whiz must be alone,
When mental engines drone.

It has been a source of bother,
Why you got no kid brother,
Leave lest I be vexed,
Your mum and I want sex.

Misleading Angels

I’ve heard of people sent on wild goose chases,
I’ve heard of dogs sent after a fake bone,
I’ve even seen lawyers try lost court cases,
But misleading angels – I’ve never known.

Sit down for a moment and understand,
The plight of our poor Archangel Michael,
Sent to the bed of a supposed maiden-
Only to find she’s halfway gone to hell.

-Or heaven- at least at that time it is,
For at the time she’s indulged in a kiss,
And in a bed, only this time it’s ‘his’,
The Angel reports back, “Your child don miss.”

The man is praying fervently to God,
“Please Father, keep my dear child from all harm,
And from all evil men in this bad world.”
Fat chance! She’s in the devil’s very arm.

In response to prayer, an Angel’s sent,
To the bed of a young lady in school,
He gets there and he knows not where she went,
Only that her Pop’s a prayerful fool!

Old man, the next time you pray say it thus:
“My daughter is in school – I hope she’s well,
Don’t bother to check her – it’s not by force,
And I don’t want to mislead an Angel!”

34 thoughts on “Einstein / Misleading Angels” by cikko907 (@cikko907)

  1. Loool! Misleading angels is real funny. :)
    ‘a prayerful fool?!’
    Nice Ciko!

    1. @remi-roy: thank yous!

  2. @Cikko907, your tiny satire in MISLEADING ANGELS is commendable, really. I thought it was the angel Gabriel, not Michael. But I now understand it: You think God up above gave the right message to the wrong angel. Wow, that’s very comic in nature! Only for the wrong angel to bring back a negative report. The rhyme is cool and gentle. God, I was almost misled myself. in EINSTEIN, one word there made me really smile: ‘plieth’. It’s a modern English word which you have deliberately ‘Shakespearised’. Kai, that was good! *Thumbs up* I like your attempt at satirical poetry.

    1. Mastress! I hail o!..this your intepretation na wa!..And here I was thinking the poem was talking about a prayerful but misguided father, who thinks his daughter is still a shy maiden. Not knowing that she had become worldly wise. Such that when God sent Angel Michael to answer the man’s prayer, by checking on his daughter who was supposedly in her bed in school.He found her instead in a man’s bed….fill in d gaps..lol

      1. O O O O, I misinterpreted, kpele gan! The satire was quite overwhelming and so evident. Now I get it… yeah. Thanks, Merciful! ;)

        1. Glad to be of service, Mastress…now your turn to help me out…how do you include the emoticons in your comment?..

          1. Ok, ‘mercifully’ listen to me, ok:- if you want to show some kind of mischief or something in your commentary, press the semi-colon key on your keyboard, then the shift-&-number ‘0’ buttons to bring out the bracket-close, like this – ;)

            Then if you want to express laughter of some sort during your commentary, press the shift-&-semi-colon buttons, then shift-&-‘d’ key, like this – :D

            Finally, if you want to express sadness or resentment in your commentary, press the shift-&-semi-colon buttons, then the shift-&-number ‘9’ to bring out the bracket-open, like this – :(

            That so far are the basic emoticons used here. I haven’t as yet seen any other. Anybody else can help out here. Thanks. :)

            1. Oh, there’s one more: The smile itself, just a smile, if in your commentary, you’re happy or glad or cheery, you know. That is done when you press the shift-&-semi-colon keys, then the shift-&-number ‘0’ keys to bring out the bracket-close. Here – :)

              PS. I was meant to say ‘those’, not ‘that’.

              I salute!

              1. PSS: I was meant to say ‘those’ in the second-to-the-last commentary. E kpele gan for this error, biko. Thanks for your understanding.

                1. I didn’t even notice the error..Thank you very plenty, I really appreciate this.

            2. ;)
              Just practising…Excellent Mastress!

              1. Glad to have aided you, Merciful. *salute*

    2. @emmanuella-nduonofit and @mercy: una well done dey use my page do tutorial o! Glad to be of some service! Emmanuella, you interprete my poem pass me wey write am. I no know wetin be imagery dat time sef. I just dey beef aristo babes for school o!

      1. :D :D :D Chiko, Chiko! Hey, I was just ‘mercifully’ told that I misinterpreted in your MISLEADING ANGELS, kapish? Mercy was showered upon me, and I received it, in Jesus Name. Amen. Then later, I brought out my hand, and mercy said ‘yes’. Hey, you should be happy say I use your page dey wax my friendship with Mercy, ya. Abi? ;)

        Listen, @cikko907, have you re-looked these two poems and discovered that there was something else in them that you didn’t see? I say this because it happens to me a lot. Well, in MISLEADING ANGELS, I thought I saw, or was suppose to see, Angel Gabriel, not Michael, because my mind went to the message God gave the Virgin Mary through Angel Gabriel. So, I was ‘mercifully’ put on the right track. I liked EINSTEIN better because so many of us here are like him, in a way.

        1. I see what you mean emmanuella. It happens a lot. And yeah, there’s actually a bit of satire in this I unwittingly put in.





    1. @seun-odukoya: for your mind now, you don figure me out. Yeye…

      1. Of which, where dat mumu nurse with the nepa-pole injection sef?

        1. See you! She because she miss your last few doses you don dey feel like don chichi…or don sikky…ehn???

          She dey come. You know i’m here favorite inmate…I DEY COME.

  4. lol@ Misleading angels…

  5. Misleading angel…something else hey…this is nice…love the satiric nature of the piece….

    1. @treasured1: thanks. A little satire is always good for d soul, ya?

  6. I liked both poems,I interpreted ‘Misleading Angels’ just as Mercy did. But I don’t really get the last stanza of ‘Einstein’. It seems out of place, but I suspect I am missing out on something funny…

    1. @uche: einstein’s just me being stupid. I knew not how to end it so i plonked for the bizarre. Apparently everybody likes misleading angels. I wrote that a long time ago and only two or three people on earth had read it before it appeared here. Thanks sha…

  7. Lmao! Cikko is a Sikko!

    1. @lade-a: no be today, my sister. And I promise you that it gets cikker yet. Just you wait!

  8. Lolz had the laugh of my day,it’s so so so so funny,Sicko you’re funny.
    You rock and sure you’re whacko.LM@O.

    1. @gretel: come oh… Are you people starting a trend with this ‘sicko’ business? Una no dey see spellin ni? Y’all better behave o. Even though the name makes me blush a teensy weensy bit. Mssscheeew…

  9. ehhhnnnn,I no see the spellin oh,aaahhh,no be sickko907?oya,keep lettin’ ur cheeks pink or whatever colour a teensy weensy bit,k?

  10. i love misleading Angels,i agree with the others.
    you rock man.

  11. i actually liked the misleading angels, it was a funny piece.

  12. I ditto Uche’s comment on ‘E

  13. I ditto Uche’s comment on ‘Einstein’ and well, I kept oscillating between (non)comprehension on the ‘Misleading Angels’ bit but Mercy’s comment totally cleared that one up for me.

    Thanks to the Mastress for the emoticon lecture; will be sure to practice soon enough.

    Cikko; well done.

  14. I loved both Cikko907, and Uche has expressed my mind for me and you have clarified.thanks for sharing.

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