True Loving Story

True Loving Story

The hearty thoughts of all hearts
Seeking the pleasures life offers
Daily working and following paths
Seeking the solutions hoping facts

Love and life is a real story
But the game played by all
As the acts produces meaningful history
Many hearts will glean the facts

Love makes life easy to borne
But life is a crucial burden
Though the decision is ours burn
The days will speak in the end

Life is unfit without love
Though some might argue this
Our lives are interwoven to revolve
Love and life makes living joyful
Salau O John©2010


A friend once had a problem
A lover at first he had wanted
In the beginning passion was the emblem
Soon the story changes without him

A message came to say not her
Two weeks showed another story
A pregnancy for her in no care
O the pains this passion produces!

Many things could have been curtailed
As only friendship would have worked
But now the deed has been sailed
Who can help in this burden resolve?

Abortion may be called but what
No one knows tomorrow in today
The friend loves but only for marriage
Who can help that which tray?
Salau O John©2010

14 thoughts on “True Loving Story” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. Yeah, love and life does make living joyful, well done John..

  2. Lovely poems as usual. I noticed this though – ‘Love make life easy to borne’. It should be ‘love makes life easy to bear’.

    1. those sneaky typos! I omitted ‘s’ in ‘makes’. Thats all me, John, not you.

  3. Liked the theme very much. Good try.

  4. interesting and beautiful,ok oh

  5. Always at it and never dissapointing John,the two poems were good and went hand in hand.

  6. @ Lade…Well, no offense taken….Thanks….

    @ Anderson …Glad you like them….

    Thanks guys…Just me and love/life stories to the world and all….Just doing what I love…

    1. who wouldn’t
      every lover of good poetry will.

  7. Good job Treasured1, they are beautiful poems. Would like to draw your attention to some things though:

    In Love and Life; I noticed the following errors:

    “As the acts produces meaningful history” should be ‘As the acts produce meaningful history’

    “Love makes life easy to borne” should be ‘Love makes life easy to bear’

    “Though the decision is ours burn”. Did you mean ‘Though the decision is ours borne’?

    In True Loving Story, I think you confused your tenses in the following, “Soon the story changes without him” I think it should be ‘Soon the story changed without him’ What do you think?

    All-in-all; they are beautiful poems.

  8. your poems were good, but the second one was a little confusing

  9. @ Abby… thanks…its “As the acts produce meaningful history’ truly..typographical errors on my part….

    ‘Love makes life easy to borne (think about)…

    “Though the decision is ours borne”…yes…(its a personal decision I mean)

    ‘Soon the story changed without him”…true…though I use to like conforming to the old British writing style…but then what is a poem if everyone can get the meaning separately….

    Glad you could decipher the words….All the best!!!

  10. @ Adeyinka…Thanks…Well, I quite understand…you are right…

  11. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very nice John…very nice…

  12. @ Meena…Thanks…Glad you like em….

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