Time tells all,

as time itself has proven,

times may change…and they frequently do,

But Time remains constant, immovable, eternal.

It is the consummate oracle,

Revealing what has been, encircling what is,

and auguring what is to be.

Time reveals all,

as time itself has proven.

Thought, intent and motive may be cryptic,

as they often are,

but Time plays Pandora, revealing all and sustaining Hope,

It is the translator of covert to overt.

Time changes all,

as time itself has proven.

Feelings stream from depths unknown,

Convictions we hold maybe strong and bold,

But fickleness is a trait they both bear

And Time is the catalyst that changes them all.

Time proves all,

as time itself has proven.

Faithfulness is claimed by all, and Credibility betroth to many,

but Time… yes, Time plays the wind tunnel,

Testing the integrity of Ego.

Relentless Time…Nemesis of the unfaithful.

14 thoughts on “Time” by bluestream (@justin)

  1. well, well, well, wasn’t too impressed about how the time explanation went, but i liked it’s easy to read flow, made it an interesting read.

  2. Well, I am impressed; not only the flow and structure (there is a name for this type of poetry; one whose structure takes the shape of the subject matter: hmmm memory serve me now); I couldn’t help feeling, as I read that a lot of thought and observations among other things must have gone into this.

    I like it. Well done!

    1. Emblematic maybe?

      1. lol,you are funny Abby,why Emblematic?

        1. Once read a poem titled “The Altar”. Don’t ask the author’s name. It was shaped as an altar. The above is shaped like an hourglass; representative of time. Tis why such poems are referred to as ’emblematic’ because they take the shape of their subject matter.

    2. Time has happened to Abby; it stole her memory, lol.

      1. Time; life all join.

      2. i agree with you jo,don’t mind Abby.

  3. This is a clear example of what is called poetry and it’s in its best form.
    You’re tight.

  4. Good poem. The form though was a little jaggy for me. Was it intentional?

  5. nice poem.
    i guess the form was intentional.

    1. Will wager it is. Bluestream will have to tell though sha.

  6. The depth of this poem (am I right calling it that?) is revealing. I love it.

    I only have a personal problem with poems were phrases are repeated at the beginning of each stanza. I just feel it is too conventional a way to achieve a flow.
    *Time tells all
    *Time reveals all
    *Time changes all
    *Time proves all

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