Through The Eyes Of Madness Part I: My Rantings

Through The Eyes Of Madness Part I: My Rantings

Sigh. Finally. They’ve all left. It’s just me here now.

I’m alone.

Did I hear you ask why? Simple; because I’m crazy.

Well. If refusing to sleep with your girlfriend because you think it’s not the most important thing; you have the rest of your lives to do that; if that is being crazy, I guess I am crazy.

If being truthful and honest and blunt…to the point of appearing rude is being crazy, I definitely am crazy. Off my rocker. Boom.

If refusing to spend my Friday nights guzzling alcohol and bawling at barmaids and not-so-dignifyable women while listening to loud music and getting pawed by said women is being crazy; well register me for a home, for I sure am crazy!

If being able to think multiple times over within the space of seconds; if being able to empathize…understand and relate to the most ‘bizarre’ and unusual people…if having a listening ear and lending it to anyone who feels lost…if all that is being crazy; I am crazy.

If talking to myself in loud volumes…if throwing tantrums in the middle of the road at imaginary friends (okay…a bit extreme…I know), if listening to loud music is crazy…well then I am crazy. Someone call Yaba left!

You know, I wonder why they call me crazy…when the same guys who call R.Kelly pedophile now chase around underage ‘grown’ girls in secondary schools…their excuse? “Well…the old ones are becoming used…and it’s always best to catch them young!” Yeah…right.

I mean…lookit Michael Jackson(okay…I never got the white-skin, baby dangling, breathing-chamber-breathing, silk mask wearing, plastic-surgery-nose-falling-off Michael)…but homie gave me about three of the greatest albums in music…EVER! I’m sure some early strains of his craziness gave strength to his genius. No doubt about it…crazy is the new cool. I mean…check me out. I am crazy…right? Yet you stayed here long enough to get to this point…so my craze entertains you, abi? Or better yet…we have something in common…or my craze helps you see better! How’s that sound? I just want to be me! If you can’t deal with it…GO HANG!!

Can I Please Be Me?

I’m constantly testing the walls of this prison…this ‘Matrix’ of an existence that seeks to make us all zombies…prisoners…trapped in a world of our own making…trying to help we all understand there’s more to life than all the bullshit we see…and they…YOU ALL call me crazy…i don’t care…as long as I’m helping!

But now…let’s look at the downside.

Truth is though…as much as my ‘I JUST WANT TO BE ME’ speech sounds noble and fancy…it is not easy. I am a human being…with human feelings and emotions. Inside me is that human desire of wanting to love and wanting to be loved! I love hugs! I want kisses! I want to cuddle! I want someone to call me just to ask…”How are you today…my friend?”

I don’t have many friends. Because realistically…most of these guys…you guys do not understand me! And probably the concept of ‘accepting people’ is a strange one to most of you…because you like me when it’s all good…but complain and run at the first sign of ME. How does that work?!?

It’s really lonely here…I tell you…Honest, I can imagine how Jim Carrey felt back then when his wife left him…saying he was really crazy and she could not cope…Jim Carrey…man who has made/who makes a lot of people happy. That’s love for you…”I will always love you unconditionally…AS LONG AS…”…I can relate to Mr. Carrey…because I was dumped too…in fact I’ve been dumped twice in two months…because of some decisions I make…
“In changing times…men must hold on to unchanging principles.” What is happening? Somehow…all those things that used to count do not make sense anymore. So why try?

Just because I’m unusual…you call me crazy. That’s the only way I make sense to you, right? That’s the only way you can reconcile my existence, abi? If we were somewhere else…like the states or…you’d probably say I’m an alien…fell of a meteorite or some other crazy stuff.

Well. If that’s what works for you guys…if that’s what helps you sleep…so be it.

I might walk naked in the streets…just to get your attention. Allow me. After all, I AM CRAZY.

15 thoughts on “Through The Eyes Of Madness Part I: My Rantings” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. This is so real yet so funny.
    i can assure you that you are not crazy but just being yourself.
    it seems like there’s a battle between holding on to your principles or joining the bandwagon.
    trust me,the latter is better.
    I’m sure Michael Jackson wont be too happy with your description of him though.
    very good and interesting piece.

  2. This is something…I can related with this…I’ve been there…Nice one…thank God Jackson is gone…Well, Jim Carrey sure had that tough…Maybe I might post something I wrote a while just like this…

    Keep em coming! And be yourself….

  3. hmmm…still pondering …still pondering…I think I have finally arrived at my own conclusion, you are not crazy, just ‘different’… Enjoyed reading your rantings, and believe me that’s just what they are ‘rantings’, but a pretty cool narration of rantings…lol

  4. You are crazy and that is fine. The crazies make life a whole lot more interesting. Especially when they run naked through the streets, lol.
    Be yourself, bro and keep writing.

  5. We don’t understand a lot of things; we would feel safer if we did. A mentor once said that naming things helps us research them better. Well, at least I hope so. Not all of us will rise to the level of empathy and we all respond to people and situations the best way we can. Keep being yourself and do try to help others understand you as well.

  6. Interesting and unconventional. Rant away Seun! Release your inner weirdo!

  7. ha! I liked it, i believe that kind of craziness is as a result of bandwagon, he really isnt so crazy

  8. You know you could spin this tale of yours in another way beginning with the first three lines as you have it now. Just a thought that cameto me.

  9. I don’t like people saying mean things about MJ,he’s dead and I thought we should respect the dead and besides there is none like him

  10. Yea you’re definitely crazy after all there’s nothing wrong with all those things,and you’re not alone I’m crazier and I don’t care,I don’t have up to 5 friends in this world and I don’t care,so you’re now my crazy brother,lol
    I even walk naked on the streets,of ‘coz I’ve got a fine body.

  11. Bless God people…I’m just the messenger.

    Dear Gretel…you have no idea how much i love Michael Jackson. That particular line does not contain ‘mean things’ about him…I was simply reporting what we all have read about him at one point or the other…

    Thank you so much!!! Crazy brother huh???

    Dear Abby…could you please go further on that idea of yours????

    1. you are welcome.
      keep bringing them.

    2. Well, it’ll be a more literal take of the topic; more like exploring life through the eyes and mind of a truly mad man.

  12. Okay Abby…i’m at work immediately…you’ll get it asap!!!!

  13. lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

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