The hunter and the re-incarnated sea goddess.

The hunter and the re-incarnated sea goddess.

I got back from school one day and the first thing I searched for was my ‘Concubine’. When I couldn’t find it after approximately ten minutes, I freaked.

“Have you seen the concubine?” I asked my sister, frantically looking around the little room we shared.

“Which one? The same book you’ve read to shreds?” she asked, incredulous.

You see, I came across The Concubine in Secondary School and until I graduated, I couldn’t control the desire to read the book over and over again.

What trilled me about it was the sweet love that blossomed between Ihuoma and Ekwueme. I wasn’t always thrilled though, because at some point I hated Ihuoma. Ekwueme was my dream man, I mean the dude was handsome, well built and a hunter (that means unlimited supply of protein).

I also hated her because she wasted him. Seriously, who would’ve have known that she was some  sea goddess from some other life (that part was a shocker!).

I remember asking my sister when I read that part “Is she a witch?” I was that scared for my Ekwueme.

However, all grown up now, I see that love should be all giving and that was what Ekwueme did. He paid the ultimate price, whether that was a wise decision is a story for another day.

Elechi Amadi outdid himself with this book. It showcased the practical part of African romance, culture and the sense of community. I totally love it.

Remi Oyeyemi, Lagos.

12 thoughts on “The hunter and the re-incarnated sea goddess.” by RemiRoy (@RemiRoy)

  1. To the point! I like.

  2. what can i say? love the book!

  3. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    love this book so much…read it like a million times! i would need to get a fresh copy soon, i cant seem to find my copy :-(

  4. @Meena. me too o. I read mine to bit and pieces, literaly.

  5. Wow, trying to remember if the book was that good. I don’t think I even finished it, though it was definitely a recommended book at school. But seeing how you’ve applauded it in your brief yet riveting post, RemiRoy, I will definitely dig it up from somewhere and find out for myself! Nice!!

  6. Yes Marya! I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. It wasn’t recommended to me at school ‘cos i never did Literature, but i ‘found’ it!

  7. read this book a long time ago when i was in jss3.Got back from scho and saw it lying around….i was riveted to was da bomb!

  8. i love the way you liked the book. funny!

  9. The concubine, read this book and liked it. At first i didnt get the hang of it but later i did.

  10. One of the best I ever read….Lovely Book

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