That Night

That Night

What an innocent night of perfect peace

The silent rumblings of the windy breeze

Kind doors stood wide open

And the wooden window revealed the colourful cotton

The air strolled in for careful caress

Licking the sweat off pumping chests

Whose owners have lost care

Like the night does not scare

The steps echoed like devil’s drum

So sharp they alerted the tender eardrum

Jimmy heard but listened more

The reality seemed obscure

But the steps sounded again

This time, with a defined aim

The cotton flapped and gave way

Gees, there was every reason to pray

Again, it sounded close to Jimmy’s ears

And even the darkness could not hide its fears

“Who are you?” he asked in quavering voice

To the devil who had lost its poise

The choice was made as the steps retraced

Faster, it went out the same way it came

And the cotton laughed with timid amusement

For the demon left without pinching its gents

That night, I couldn’t forget my Jesus

For what would the devil have done to us?

It did not come to stare at our faces

Neither did it come to steal our laces

I remember the screams of terror

That awoke every neighbour

They came and heard, then went

“Never leave your window open,” I learnt.

10 thoughts on “That Night” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. I loved the imagery in some of the words but to be honest, I finished reading without really getting the meaning behind the poem.

  2. Interesting poetry..Whatever made Jimmy’s ears perk, a scary night visitor you painted… Great job!
    In all the places you used the word ‘Cotton’ did you mean ‘Curtain’?

    1. Hey Bob, I believe I’ve mentioned the same correction in one of your earlier writings. Please educate us, if this isn’t a mistake or do try acknowledge same.

  3. I’m with Myne on this. I like the imagery but dont really know what the poem is all about.

  4. With Lade and Myne. Good stuff though.

  5. On the confusion about the subject, I think robbers came visiting but didn’t attack the protagonist?@$%$^&%&

    waiting for BOB’s response on that.

  6. Ok Bob..first i get the impression that two people are hard at work in bed and are about to get interupted by a bunch or arm robbers or a jealous lover but then you loose me…whats the poem about really? is it a spiritual visitor or a physical one? please lemme know…apart from that,you seem to have a fair grasp of rhythm and rhyme..keep it up aight?

  7. Ok Bob, I know what this is about. This is the poetry form of a certain story you wrote a while back. Men, you are good. 2 totally different expressions for a single event. That’s worth applauding.

    The poem’s about 2 guys or people sleeping; not the sex-induced type y’all thinking about. Dirty minds y’all. lol
    The footsteps were of a ghost; probably of the Uncle who had been recently buried. Jimmy heard it first and woke Bob. They screamed, woke up the entire hamlet and were cautioned to never sleep with the door (or in this case, window) open. Kapish.

    I still hail oh bros.


    Abby, thanx for the clarification. U’re great!

    1. Oh, aren’ you welcome? Thanks! Grinning from ear-to-ear like I just won me a huge lolly pop. Still, anyone who’s not read the initial story is wont to get lost on the meaning of this one.

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