Sullen Belle

Sullen Belle

Of all the jolly hours of day

The night, most sane incite my tale

A tale too queer, too vague to loth

A tale so clear, so whole in tones

A fair belle sat in crimson robes

Of holes that showed her noble soles

A sight most whole it cause a dote

On eyes that grace her charming whole

Her dilate eyes roamed through about

In cycles far too rasp for words

For in her heart a brooding bunch

A pile of thoughts of wasted time

With heaps of re and grets of past

A time indeed she felt much young

In throes of love, she sang sweet songs

To show her boy her eons of love

And fie to the alter, they tied the knot

The rain that day did seal the joy

Of what all merry-wishers call the bond

A bond it should have been that night but naught

The groom most calm is all but whole

He could perform all verbs save “do”

This state of pause pulled out a pool

Of tears that drooled from the virgin’s face.

In all the tales she heard from birth

Of princes, fawns, spirit and ghouls

Enchanted castles, world in seas

Of Cindarella, Snow-in-White

The wedding night did make the most

And all have talked about the joy

Of the man down in a man

A state of bliss in nascent plunge

Naught, naught of this did belle enjoy

Indeed morose did she withdraw

On countless nights in seem less loss

And here she was in gloomy doom

A sullen belle in crimson robes

Of holes that showed her noble soles.

19 thoughts on “Sullen Belle” by adeniyi ife (@reetaa)

  1. lol@ ‘He could perform all verbs save “do”’..Great poetry reminiscent of Shakespare..Well done Ife!!

    1. Mercy, the poem is also reminiscent of William Wordsworth

      1. The name sounds familiar, but am afraid I have never read his work.

  2. so what did he say? ‘i . . . .’ lol.
    Nice work

  3. This is a very beautiful poem Ife.
    i felt for both parties,to imagine that the man cant do and the woman is stuck with him.
    so sad.
    well done.

    1. Bros eh, unless I didn’t get the gist of the poem oh; but from wia did you get ya own interpretation? lolz Paul, get your mind outta the sheets.

      1. Abby, I think Paul is right about the interpretation. On the wedding night ‘He could perform all verbs save ‘do’…. that’s why the Virgin bride Ife abeg come and interprete o!

        1. Okay ma’am; prolly looks that way. I’ll admit; maybe the interpretation skipped me on this one. lolz Paul; I apologise okay?

  4. I like the lyrics.

  5. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Nice one..

  6. This was simply amazing,wow loved every bit of it,I no blame that guy.

  7. This is good.’With heaps of re and grets of past’ My favorite line.Felt rhyming was forced in some areas though.

  8. beautiful poem, u could pass as a good rapper.

  9. I agree with Adeyinka on the rapping bit.
    Tis a lovely poem. Well done Ife.

  10. @Abby.wetin i do you na ?
    what’s wrong with the
    i was right there,its what i read.

  11. Wow man…nice one…rapping will truly be good for U…U’ve got it going…What a sorrowful end for the virgin…Amazing what stories she’d heard and hoped to cope….it turned out to be not as she hoped….

  12. @Abby,.i don hear.
    apology accepted.

  13. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    riveting…love the style of the poem

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