My Diary.

My Diary.

26th July,2010.

Today I was simply my ”best”.woke up by 4.00am to the shock of everyone(that’s usually when the real sleep start).I led in morning prayers,ran the bath for my little boys and made breakfast,yes I made breakfast.Fixed my self and went to school.Today I didn’t pretend not to see anyone,I said hi to everyone and I told all those I met how wonderful they looked.I didn’t fake a angry phone call while passing by the anatomy library and I told the librarian I liked his funky haircut.
I accompanied Ruth to get her clearance card and even bought a bottle of La Casera for her.I didn’t carry a bottle of coke along the path and when they asked for a donation of N500 from everyone in class,I didn’t embarass anyone by giving N2000.I didn’t snap the cadavers today or even spit at them.
I wore a skirt for Dr Jimmy’s class though he still complained it was too short and tight.I didn’t even make a call during neuroendocrinology class and I didn’t tell prof Rao his accent was bad,I even answered a question and laughed to his indian jokes,I talked to all my class boys and didn’t roll my eyes in disgust at their shallow mentality,I even took a picture and let them peck me,I almost collapsed.
I didn’t take sharwama or pop corn to school,hey,I even surprised myself there and worst I joined shadow and Mesdez to go eat at their low rated school canteen(holy Mary).I didn’t tell our lab attendants they stink of formalin and I gave them N500 each,I answered everyone that said hello with a smile instead of saying ”uhum” and seriously tending to my lappy,I let my class mates play songs from my E series for as long as they wanted.
I came home late ‘coz I attended our departmental meeting and I told the driver to drop my colleagues at their homes.
I threw up when I got home ‘coz this whole thing didn’t work for me,even myself disgusted me,I hope to snap out of this deadly syndrome by tomorrow.Even my BF hates it.
Good night duh

19 thoughts on “My Diary.” by gretel (@gretel)

  1. ha ha ha ha!!!! your last two sentences got me!!! Love this diary!! Eish!!

  2. this your dairy is off the hook and i hope it dosent end here.
    i love it.

  3. Lol. Reading it made me want to throw up too. All that saccharine sweetness was bound to leave a bad taste in the mouth, lol.
    Nice, Gretel.

  4. Good good good great stuff. Well think me’s more like the person you were on this day. The person you’ll become from tomorrow, not sure I’ll like that kinda person. Punctuation wasn’t quarter as good as your diary. Watch your punctuation next time. Very good work. Keep it up girl.

  5. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Nice one..

  6. @ mercy glad you like it.
    @ Anderson thanks oh,I’m not like this everyday but I’ll post another part of my diary just for you,duh.
    @ Lade,saccharine sheh lol,I’m back to my normal self sha.
    @ Jay,thanks oh,I’ll check the punctuations,I hate how I was today and nobody usually likes the real me and I’m fine with that,thanks oh

  7. @ 2cute4u thanks dear

  8. Gretel,
    Don’t let it be said that medical people are snobs o… like the way you wrote, unabashed.Jaywriter has expressed my ‘otherwise’ views.

  9. lol! crazy somborri!

  10. funny girl, i liked it, right from the start. I couldnt help but smile all through it.

  11. lol! Made me chuckle at the end…I could sense that the entire ”good girl” act was numbing you right to your skull! sometimes,being yourself is the way forward…if people can’t deal with it,then they can climb mount Everest and throw themselves down from it…on the flip side though,people are kinda like thermometers..they tell you when you should cool it or when you need to up your temp a little bit to make you warmer so the trick is to knwo how to balance your act…keep it up!

  12. Nice one Gretel; nice diary you got there.

    I agree with Lade’s comment; all that ‘sweetness’ has got to be counter-productive.
    I also agree with Jay’s criticism: your punctuations and lack of spacing and paragraphing took away from the beauty of your post; but not enough to do much damage.

    @Estrella: that was very instructive. I like that.

  13. @gretel.will be waiting for the next.
    i hope you have fun writing it so it can come as sweet as this one.

  14. @ Lawal,I dunno what medical people are oh,I’m myself
    @ Adeyinka,glad you like it,I’m not funny oh,was just not myself that day
    @ Estrella,thanks oh for the advice,but serzly I don’t listen to some people,they can climb Mt everest if they want
    @ Yetitweets,I’m not crazy duh,lol

  15. @ Abby,thanks duh,it’s like that ‘coz it’s my diary,I wrote it anyhow,diaries are not journals sheh?thank duh,point noted.
    @ Anderson,thank you sir.

    1. you are welcome ma
      keep up the good work o.

  16. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    wot a diary…wondering is she has a nice bone in her body thou…it made a for a good read …i like it very much

  17. thanks for reading,I’m glad you like it,bones are hard,I have soft tissues,don’t mind me,no nice bones.

  18. Lol. Looks like its no more Miss nice girl for gretel.

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