I loved love yet she loved me not for love wasn’t

I loved love yet she loved me not for love wasn’t

The Lion and the Jewel

Wole Soyinka

I was about twelve years old when I read Wole Soyinka’s the Lion and the Jewel, I hated the experience, I had just discovered my utopia in Mills and Boon, romantic movies; the happily ever afters, the strapping hero with pleasing ways, the heroine whose passions once unleashed couldn’t  be kept  from her lover and the universe of course in her magnanimity made sure the two would fall in love, get pregnant and get married, in no particular order and of course proclaim their undying love in between gasps of hungry insatiable kisses for ever and ever.

Under my blanket, drifting eyes and one of such books clutched in my hands, I had come to believe this would happen to me, this maddeningly addictive love, I was waiting for him.

This book raised doubts and later made an unbeliever of me. Lakunle the hero was quite unlikeable; his pedantry and poverty, how does one proclaim love and not want to marry ones’ love? How does Sidi not make Lakunle see reason by devising a brilliant proposal causing plan in true heroine fashion? And Sadiku? Fairy Godmother of doom; leading Sidi into the arms of Baroka, the wily old fox of a king whose cunning wins him a new bride.  This book was my timely intervention from fairydom and now? I Chika Eneanya living in St. Kitts still awaits love but with partial clarity, knowing what it could be.

Chika Eneanya, St Kitts

14 thoughts on “I loved love yet she loved me not for love wasn’t” by chika winifred eneanya (@foofoo)

  1. I read this book a long time ago too but I remember it with fond memories. WS’s best for me though is The Jero Plays.

  2. lol! I can relate…my fantasies of the perfect hunk coming to whisk me away was rudely shattered by some books that didn’t fit the bill and Wole’s book was one of em..good to know your eye don tear..love ain’t blind oh! it chooses to see the flaws of the one it loves as part of who they are…

  3. To me, Soyinka is lousy when it comes to writing romance, God! And of course, the easiest plays to handle ever written by that gracefully grey bearded bard is the Jero plays and The Lion and The Jewel. Who has fun reading (not performing, o!) KONGI’S HARVEST, DEATH & THE KING’S HORSEMAN, THE ROAD, THE SWAMPDWELLERS, MADMEN & SPECIALISTS, etc, plays like ‘that’? I even got a bit of fun when I read THE BEATIFICATION OF AREA BOY and I heard about KING BAABU recently. I’m only hypnotised by his third-eye views, that’s all.

  4. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    And, em, Aunty Chika Winifred, this ur title wey u use talk about Soyinka’s THE LION & THE JEWEL, e long like rope, o! No break, no comma. E confuse me small sha! Well done!

  5. Well done Chika; nice personal take on The Lion and The Jewel. Hasn’t it been said that the pen is mightier than the sword? The shattering of Chika’s romantic illusions should give us an inkling to the power writers wield.

    Chika, partial clarity is a lot way up there than the no clarity you initially had. A toast to Wole and Chika. lol

  6. Seriously I don’t understand your post but I guess that’s the aim,I love Wole so much and I even feel a thing for him,well it’s usually so with with any extra intelligent guy,good post.
    keep writting

  7. @Myne i am not familiar with the Jero plays, hope to read it someday and i remember the lion of the jewel with fond memories now.
    @TCestrella……….yeah you right about that dear and we are thankful for those books that showed us other options right?
    @Emmanuealla..wow! you are so well read, hope to do some catching up soon; read alot of books by african/ nigerian authors and lol just call me chika, the title is just a play of words lol am just trying to say unrequited love only that this time “love” didnt return my love.understand?
    @abby……..hear! hear! and thanx :)
    @gretel n hansel!!(jkd)u dont? :( the title is just a play on words, the post is about my idea of love at a really young age and how the book completely redefined love for me.

    and to you all! thanx for your comments and for reading, my heart tingles with such warmth at this reception!!!

  8. This was a book i fell in love with i had to disturb my dad until he got me a copy.

  9. Yes, how does one proclaim love and not want to marry one’s love? *rhetorical question*

  10. I’ve read that book, both as an academic text and for private enjoyment. i liked it but when i first read it, i felt like slapping Soyinka for giving the Sidi to Baroka. all in all, just like all his works, Soyinka’s lion and the jewel was a very good read for me.

    1. I read Soyinka’s Lion and the Jewel……

  11. I can relate

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