Final Scores – Last Round Shortlist

Final Scores – Last Round Shortlist

So after much combinations and permutations, we have arrived at the Final Shortlist for the last round – drumroll please – as follows;

1. Blazing Embers by Aizehi
2. The Hunter and the Reincarnated Goddess by RemiRoy
3. The Death of I by Tesiro Dore
4. Decolonising my Literary Mind by Addy Bardust
5. I loved love yet she loved me not by Chika Eneanya

Actually, there is no black magic involved. The judging tables are below, click on the images for the full picture page. The final winner will be announced on Sunday August 1, 2010. Those eligible for free books will also be announced same day. Thanks for everyone for taking part in this project.

Combined Judges and Votes

Only Judges Scores

Just Votes

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  1. i’m impressed by the number of voters!

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