Everything Woman

Everything Woman

Her eyes have seen the pain of defeat and the glory of triumph
Her hands have mended open wounds, bringing healing and restoration to the lives of many
Her embrace knows no boundaries, encapsulating the masses into a wholesome bundle, and all members of the human race become one before her feet
With weathered heels she has trudged through the hardest slabs of granite and concrete with one mission – To help the people find their voice and resurrect the power which lies within
The lowly rises
The weak become strong
The will of the Powerful grows evermore,
and fruitless vines bear fruit once more
when young and old abound to drink from the juice of life called femininity
She bears no regrets from mistakes of days gone by
and yields not to the pressures of the world
She is guided by an intuition- The inner maternal voice,
The call of the ancestral mothers who laid down old wisdoms
and passed it on to the daughters of a new era
Those wisdoms now weave into the fabric of her character
Giving it new shape- an unparalleled sense of liberation
For she is everything hopeful
Everything Loving
Everything Confident
Forever Exuberant
Everything Poize.
Jane Adaeze Iwenofu

13 thoughts on “Everything Woman” by janeiwenofu (@janeiwenofu)

  1. A very befitting tribute to womanhood..Well done!..Though I think that last line should read ‘Everything Poised’

  2. Lovely tribute to womanhood. We are all that and more. Welldone.

  3. Thanks Ladies for your feedback! The last line is supposed to read “everything woman”. I originally wrote this poem for a women’s startup magazine named “poize” and forgot to edit it from the last line. I hope you enjoyed reading.

  4. I understand it now…well done!

  5. Mr. C (@seyi987yahoo)

    I love it.

  6. you are good, it really is everything woman

  7. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    This is nice..

  8. Up women. Good stuff. Trust you’all ladies dropping comments are like that? What a nice way to start. Glad you getting into the groove. Is that dimples, lol. Keep it up.

  9. Everything woman,this was good stuff,I’m stealing it for my mum.

  10. A beautiful one….kudos….

  11. very good one.
    agree with jaywriter.
    i’m sure the ladies will appreciate it.

  12. Everything Woman…I like the way it is written.

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