Silent yet speaking volumes

Far away yet caught in his mesh

A mesh spun from words unspoken yet felt

Ropes so loose yet tightly bond

Riveting stares, yet unseeing eyes

Limbs so nimble yet sluggishly moving

Entangled in his web, that’s where I am

Trapped like a drowning fly still intent on feeding off the vomit

I want him, but his retreating back I get

I hold on but he has long let go

Memories are all I have got

Memories are all he loathes

Past I am to him, like a chapter from an interesting book long forgotten

Entangled I am in this web of love long gone.

36 thoughts on “Entangled” by Mercy Ilevbare (@efearue)

  1. Eiya
    i feel your pains Mercy.
    really nice poem but you dont have a choice but to move on o.
    well done.

    1. Thanks Anderson-Paul, with such pain, moving on is the only option..lol

  2. Lovely poem, Mercy. Full of pain and hopelessness.

    1. Hopelessness?? Omigosh! Desperately searching for my happy place now…lol. Thanks Lade.

  3. aww mercy this was touching. I think anyone that broke up with someone they loved can relate to this

    1. You are so correct..Thanks Jane.

  4. loving it (even though I think this isn’t one of best posts so far, it still engages the mind). I believe in you!

    1. Thanks Scot, knowing you believe in me is very heartwarming.

  5. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Wow.. Just the kind of poem I love to read..

    1. Really??? Thanks Chacha my NS love doc.!

    2. Chacha, more like the kind of poem you (like to) write. Isn’t that correct?

  6. With me girly girl. Love to read such poems. Can relate to it too. Good poem.

    1. Hmmmmm… okay, Thanks Jay.

  7. nice one gurl though i would never let a someone break my heart to this extent,I don’t believe in heartbreaks thro relationships,I’ve got only one heart,move on you hear

    1. Wish I was as strong as you babe..lol. But be rest assured, I have long moved on…Thanks jare!

      1. Deep stuff! By why is every one taking it so seriously? Lol, it could be just a poem and nothing to do with your real experience in love, hey? Anyway Mercy, I’m not a poetry fan but your poem was tight! Nice finish, too!

        1. Sadly Marya, this isn’t fiction or thought up.. It did happen to me, but am over it now (Thankfully)..lol. Thanks babe!

  8. Interesting poem @Mercy. I liked this, especially:

    Memories are all I have got

    Memories are all he loathes

    A couple of points:

    – I’m not sure about the ‘mesh’ imagery. It speaks to me of the ex being currently interested in tying you up in the present, whereas what is happening is that it’s the memories you’ve had together that you can’t break free of.

    – I notice that you use a lot of sentence construction like this:

    but his retreating back I get

    instead of this:

    but I get his retreating back

    Out of curiosity, any reason why?

  9. Thanks TolaO…don’t know why I wrote it that way, but I was in the throes of a confusing and very complicated relationship, so I am not surprised it confused you..lol.

  10. so its more of an obsession of one long gone….ok, nice poem

  11. Well Mercy, sad poem. But thank goodness twas in ze past. But you did convey ze confused, directionless way you felt quite well. Well done for that.

    1. Thank goodness o!!..Thanks babe!

  12. Great poem mercy…you painted your longing and his disdain quite nicely…I think i understand the mesh imagery.Sometimes,even when the chap feels nothing for you anymore,your feelings for him keep your feet glued to one place instead of making you walk away…like a wise one in my life once said,if a man chooses someone else over you,its not because you’re not good enough,its because you’re too good for him! stay strong!

    1. You absolutely understood it…That person is truly wise.. Thanks Estrella.

  13. @Estrella.sounding much more like a relationship expert.

  14. A wonderful piece I’ll say…You convey the intents well…but as they say, “don’t cry over split milk”, move on to the best….It is well….pouring your heart in writing this helps I believe….

    1. Writing this did help me..Thanks John!

  15. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    a very beautiful piece of work i dare say…ur heart will heal…from the ashes of pain a purer and more deserving love will be born…

    1. Thanks Meena, and I say an ‘Amen’ to d latter part of your comment..lol

  16. This is so touching, what so many people have to hold is their partner’s retreating back and it can be very painful when the scale falls off their eyes, glad u knew immediately and let go.

  17. Nice poem,lots of people hav had their share of this…unreciprocated love or heart strains arising from severance

  18. Thanks Elly & Writefight glad you think it’s nice.

  19. Me too, I like it o! But if you were my sister, I wouldn’t find it funny that u were sticking around so long. But i also know it’s NOT so easy. Life can be hard like that. The worst part is knowin that you could experience that again. And again. Mesh indeed!

  20. Nw I wish u were my brother, maybe I wouldn’t have had the need to write this..lol. Thanks Cikko.

  21. This is very deep, and something many can relate to. I like it.

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