Bloodied hands…

Bloodied hands…

I have always wondered what it would be like to have blood on my hands.

I don’t have to wonder anymore; now I know.

There is so much blood on my hands that when I walk to the market place I hide my hands in a pair of black gloves because I am afraid that people will see it and start whispering behind my back; that they will start pointing when they see the dark red ooze sliding down my fingers and dripping to the floor.

The thing about having blood on your hands is that you can see the world more clearly. Things like sneezing or taking a shit doesn’t seem mundane anymore. Those activities become sacred because you know that only a man alive can perform them, you dig?

If you saw me, you would hardly peg me for the type who can take a human life. No…you would think I was an angel;  a fly on the wall that just buzzes harmlessly about…but even a fly is capable of doing much more than buzzing…just ask my mother if you don’t believe me. She told her people that a fly has whizzed into the house and told her to cheat on her husband; told her that was the only way she was going to get her own cheating husband to come back home to her and leave that good for nothing woman my mother had housed and fed when she had lost her husband and was thrown out flat on her ass by her In laws.

My mother had promptly obeyed the buzzing fly and had gone off to seduce her rival’s younger brother who was married with two wives. You see, in spite of the fact that my mother was over forty then, she had the body of a thirty year old and she still knew how to be a woman when the need arose. Needless to say, the man in question fell like a matchbox house hit by the wind and didn’t seem to care that my mother was ten years his senior. Did the plan work? You can bet it did! Thanks to the buzzing fly with vocals, my father went running back to my mother as if the hounds of hell were after him. My mother never saw that fly again but she always talked about it with a wistfulness that had me eager to leave home and disappear into the crowd of another planet.

I digress…

I could hardly bear the thought of squishing a fly not to talk about even taking human life. But when I watched the knife in my hand plunge into Ibe’s chest, I remembered thinking ‘and to think I couldn’t kill the chicken last Christmas properly!

The poor thing had run around the backyard headless for nearly twenty minutes ignoring my screams of hysteria before it flopped down and finally died an ungraceful death. I couldn’t eat chicken wings for months I tell you.

I digress once again.

Getting blood on my hands was hardly my choice but then again, when the shit hits the fan, do we really have a choice but to bask in the aftermath?

When I met Ibe I was a twenty five year old virgin who had just gotten a lucrative job as human resource assistant in a huge tax firm in Kaduna.

Now I wasn’t a virgin from the lack of opportunity. There had been several opportunities to thrust my maiden head on the roving lances of men around me since I was six years old but something told me that I would probably live to regret it if I did. My mother made me more resolute…She always used to tell me that men were like dogs; once they were done with one bitch, they moved on to the next when the heat was on. I didn’t want to be a discarded bitch with a litter so I simply closed my legs and watched the approach of sex starved men with wary eyes. Being blunt by nature seemed to help keep them at bay too.

The first time I told a chap that I knew he just wanted my kitty; he went quiet for a while then walked away. Impressed by that reaction, I never hesitated in telling the gents what was really on their minds. Men are kind of easy to read even when they are at their most charming.

So, when Ibe came along, I thought he would be like other men looking to get the goods and not pay the price for them. I was wrong.

I bumped into Ibe when he was transferred from Lagos to our office as the new branch accountant. The former was on the run after scrapping together a whooping six million naira over a span of five years.

There I was all green and eager to make an impression after six weeks on the job. I had to learn to wear heels and dress in power suits and I must say I loved the feel of it. The looks I got from both my male and female colleagues when I strutted into the office didn’t hurt my ego either.

The first day Ibe showed up for work, I knew I had competition in the looks department. We were in the boardroom for our usual Monday meeting when he was introduced the whole staff.

He was golden honey to my jet coal complexion. His chiselled looks put my own high cheek bones to shame; he was one of those men who had a barber that could carve beards into meandering streams around a human face… and his lips….I went hot and cold, hot and cold just looking at those lips.

But the feature that got to me the most was his eyes. They were intense.

I’ve always been a sucker for eyes as fine as his but he’s were the best looking pair I had come across in a long while. They made me weak in the knees and suddenly, I who had been a virgin for twenty five years was hit by images that had me rubbing my thighs together in an effort to control myself. But years of practice as ice queen won; so when it came to my turn, as unruffled as Justin Bieber’s hair, I said ‘Toni Lekwat human Resource Assistant.

36 thoughts on “Bloodied hands…” by estrella (@estrella)

  1. To quote you- Damn! You’re good! lol! Very very nice. I like your digressions actually. They make the protagonist seem cold, yakking about the mundane when she should be tormented by her actions. love it!

  2. Your descriptions left me reeling, especially liked this one
    ‘There had been several opportunities to thrust my maiden head on the roving lances of men around me….’ Classic!!
    This was one very interesting beginning, can’t wait for the other parts..well done!!

  3. Estrella! What a story. What a start. What a character.
    I’m eager for the next part.

  4. Haba Estrella,a chance to be disvirgined since you were six.
    Were you that hot ?
    You are one hell of a writer o and the way you described ibe looks to me like he is for real,i was laughing all the way,
    so you are this good and you have been pretending all this while.
    I even have to save this page for further reading.
    cant wait for more Estrella.
    i love this piece and you too..oops.

  5. @ce ug…why coming from you dearie,that’s a compliment!

  6. beautiful story very beautiful but your digressions killed my enthuthiasm,but good work

  7. @Lade.sounds like you were

    1. I’m practising. If writing doesn’t work out, i will turn to music, lolz!

  8. hmmmm,that will be real interesting.professor Lade going into music.
    not hard to imagine.

  9. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Nice way to start up a thriller.. I loved reading this..

  10. We were in the boardroom for our usual Monday meeting when he was introduced the whole staff. Check that line. Good stuff especially the last part.

  11. @mercy…merci! more expressions that will take you down this time are stll on the way..hehehe

  12. Interesting piece. I’m particularly eager to learn how she goes from wanting to ‘rub thighs’ with Ibe to actually killing him.

    Note this: “I’ve always been a sucker for eyes as fine as his but he’s were the best looking pair…”

    he’s should be his.

  13. @lade..she gets better(i hope!) Look out for the next part!
    @paul…she was hot at six oh! havnt you seen the small kids of our time? They are hardly kids anymore..lord av mercy!lol

  14. @gretel…Aw!! it did? Sorry about that love…but the whole point of making my character digress was to give you na idea about the kind of person she eventually becomes..she’s cold but she ahs the ability to shut down and focus on the inconsequential…
    @Lade..something tells me you’re already building a career in music…im sure you sing pretty well…

    1. Estrella, you are so wrong. I sing awful. I’m one of those Simon Cowell advises not to even sing in the shower, lol. Which is why i joke about a music career.

  15. @uche…thanks for noticing that!
    I was so immersed in wiriting the story that i took little time to edit it…stay tuned
    @jaywriter…yeah now that you mention it..will do!

  16. I enjoyed this. Digressions and all. Waitin for the sequel…

  17. This is beautiful writing estrella.waiting earnestly for the sequel.

  18. are right o but i still think six is a very tender age.

  19. @Chikko…thanks dear.hopefully you won;t have to wait for long!
    @Lawal..much thanks love…sequel loading….
    @Paul..*sigh*…I throw in the towel paul…But you should know that girls as young as six get molested sexually oh!

  20. Just when you begin to think you know how to write…truly gifted people like Estrella come along and burst your bubble!!!!!!!!


    I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. iLike! What I like best is the way your character (and yes, what a charaqcter!) is developing! Can’t wait to know her more!

  22. it’s needless to say, you captivated me right from the beginning, which kind of novel it may be, i would surely love to read it.

  23. @Seun…Lol!! this coming from you seun? And there i was literally fuming with envy at your writing! what a world! thanks for the compliment though!

  24. Estrella; I already have my thoughts, which seem to have been confirmed but I’ll hold my horses. This is beautiful girl; will wait to see how it got to the ‘bloodied hands’ stage. Well done girl; you’ve got everyone rearing to go.

  25. @abbey…Hmmm….I know you’re good at predicting story lines so lets see if you’ll get this one right eh? lol

  26. @Estrella.okay,i think i understand now.
    waiting for the next part.

  27. @yetitweets..thanks love..dunno how she’ll turn out myself..she seems to be taking a life of her own as i write!
    @adeyinka…yei! glad i got your attention u be ma number one critic..after abbey and jaywalker of

    1. That makes him number 3. lol

  28. @abbey…you didnt have to let him know that!
    @adeyinka..youre still my number one critic..

    1. lol estrella. Yes Adeyinka, you are still numero uno.

  29. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    ‘unruffled as Justin Bieber’s hair,’ thot it was only me that noticed how the boy’s hair is always perfectly in shape even when he is dancing…this is a very good story girl i cant wait for the next part…let the romantic sparks fly

  30. ….Just after i had posted comments on the part 2 of this i now figured out it was an excerpt…anyway, my error. pardon me. the content is splendid.

  31. Nice one, but i am wondering what made her sully her hands in the blood of a handsome bobo. Am off to read part two. Thumbs up!

  32. *grumbling*

    Ehn na true na…

    LOL…you are truly blessed.

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