A Realization.

A Realization.

A thick blanket of darkness

Then slices of light

The duskiness breaks

And then it is dawn.

Eureka! I have found it

What describes then

An idea’s birth

After its travel through the subconscious.

‘Suddenly’ it breaks on me

Often wondered, nay questioned

My cause for forbearance

Now I know.

Had thought I couldn’t be fazed

And truly,

A time like that there was

But now? No, not now.

Also figured it could be fear

But hey, I’m mostly fearless.

Now I know, it really is fear

But of another kind.

I fear to surrender

I fear disarray

I fear history repeated!

So, that was why I lost?


Today I rose determined

Lose no more shall I

I feel my heartbeat skip

But this time, I am fear’s match.

28 thoughts on “A Realization.” by abby (@abby)

  1. What’re you scared of – love? Good poem. Last line’s kinda like the ‘it’ line.

    To mix things a little, check out an alternative ending…

    I fear history repeated!

    So, that was why I lost?


    I feel my heartbeat skip

    But this time, fear dey catch me again oh…

    1. Nay; no way am going for that meirx ending. lol Thanks for reading.

      1. Okay, meant ‘remix’. lol

  2. hmmn, Abby! What words – “But this time, i am fear’s match”. You can be sure i’ll quote that endlessly.
    Beautiful poem!

    1. Thank you ma’am. Appreciate the comment.

  3. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    But this time, I am fear’s match… beautiful and evocative, with words akin to perfection…well done Abby!

    1. Thanks Meena! Appreciate.

  4. Cool poem Abby….love that last line too..

    1. Thanks Mercy.

      Err Mercy, I see you oh. I really see you. lol I know what am talking about; i’ve walked that path. Just know I see you. lol Don’t be scared oh.

  5. Wow…this is a beautiful poem…got me with last line too…nice one there….

    1. Hey Salau; thanks a million.

  6. Now I shudder in fear…see me ke???…Don’t be scared?? I am petrified!!..lol. But abeg na where you dey see me?

    1. C’mon, don’t be such a drama queen. lol You’ll get what I mean in good time. Relax eh; no bi bad tin.

  7. lol…good time had better come real quick..


    I love d last line: “But this time, I am fear’s match.” Nice one Abby.

    1. Thanks aplenty sir. Appreciate aplenty plenty.

  9. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Wow.. Amazing! I love a poems written with an ‘I’ Nice one!

  10. makes sense, makes sense, it was like when the protagonist makes a realization and takes a new life changing turn, nice.

    1. Thanks Adeyinka; that most definitely is the case here.

  11. the poem was real good and you killed it with that last line like others have said.
    good work Abby.

    1. Thanks Paul. Appreciate!

  12. Nice one Abby, powerful word: i am fear’s match.



    1. lol Seun, thanks!
      I know you are busy with presidential affairs so I understand perfectly.

  14. @Abby its a 9ner from me lol. you have it wrapped up well… try to face fear well and dont run away again o!

  15. Wow! Abby, you did a great job with this. I love this a lot.

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