Wish you were mine

Wish you were mine

Each time you turned and stared

Each time your face lit up with a smile

The radiant glow of your countenance

The elegance of your steps

Each time you did a dance

Your twirling and turning

Your warm chuckles and ringing laughter

Each time you soaked in the sun

The beautiful arch of your neck as you turned them skyward

Your touch, the feel of you in my minds eye

Each time you came in from a run

Your face flushed from all the excitement

My heart race as I watch you catch your breath

All these things that bring me such delight

I wish you were mine

I wish these displays were for me

Alas they are not

Not for me but for another

Not me but the one you love

Not me but the one I see you smile at

Each day as I sit and watch

It is not me that brings you so much joy

Not me but another.

18 thoughts on “Wish you were mine” by Mercy Ilevbare (@efearue)

  1. Aaawww! So sad. I can feel the ache of love in the words. Reading it again, i have this vision of the person standing outside a house and looking inside through the window. Haunting!

  2. Very good poetry. My kinda stuff. Simple yet sweet. ‘ve posted something like that. Keep it up.

  3. @ Lade..thanks..Love the standing outside the window and looking in bit..Truly haunting.
    @ Jaywriter..Thanks..Will love to read yours, what’s the title?

  4. Hey Mercy, really nice stuff. A sad love poem. I love your expreesions; the sheer irony of them: “Each time you soaked in the sun” Who soaks in the sun? But it did help drive your point home. Really nice. I could almost hear the poor gal’s heart beat in excitement and expectation but “Alas they are not for me”.

    Think you missed an apostrophe in line 10 “mind’s eye” and i think line 13 should have been “My heart races…”

  5. Thanks for the corrections Abby..You’ve got a good eye (wink, wink)..Who soaks in the sun? Probably someone trying to get a tan (it was originally written for an audience that includes white people) and it wasn’t meant to be a poor girl but a poor guy (guess I failed in portraying that..lol)

    1. It could have been any one of the sexes, it just sort of fit the bill as a gal’s pain. About “Who soaks in the sun?” It was me being incredibly awed at your expressions. Soak makes one think of water but you used the same word for something else and it fit. Good job!

  6. So sad how that which you want turns out to be owned by another.
    Could feel the tone of desire that would never get fulfilled in the lines.

  7. lol@ tone of desire..it never did get fulfilled..Thanks Afronuts

  8. You scribbled well, Mercy. I love the song in your poem. It’s classical. It’s something that I can turn to and enjoy, a lot. Good poetry!

  9. Mercy,

    I am a hopeless romantic this poem brought tears to my eyes, in a good way maybe it hit a chord to close to my heart….Lol!!! enjoyed it even if i am wiping my eyes now while typing…keep it up

  10. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    This was really nice.. Love the longing it depicts

  11. @ Emmanuella…Thanks for showing me the song in my poem
    @ Hajira1..Omigosh! we are soul sisters! I can be a hopeless romantic too sometimes..lol
    @ 2cute4u..Thank you very plenty..

  12. Awww… how sad. I feel the pain of unrequited love here.
    It’s beautiful Mercy.
    Good job!

  13. so so sad,i felt the pain you were trying to convey.
    everything was spot on.
    lovely poem.

  14. @Remiroy…Glad you felt it..thanks!
    @Anderson-paul….Thank you

    1. you are welcome Mercy.
      keep writing o.

  15. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    simply what draws. Kudos

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