The Secret of stars

The Secret of stars

Once upon a time, in the hidden realm of immortals, there was a spirit called Layif. He was fair and handsome in ways unknown to words, there was no being to be found who did not look to him with admiration and respect. Layif was also secretly loved by an angel, Dayath. Dayath had long black hair, thick and very rich; the kind that blows in the wind and her eyes were the deep blue of the Sea, a sight to behold. She was known through the land for her dark beauty but also rumours of her treacherous ways had trickled for years through the spirit realm. She knew of this, saw it in their eyes the way they shifted nervously when she appeared but she did not care. ” It is not a terrible thing to be feared”, she used to say.

For years, Dayath had tried to capture Layif’s affections; conveniently walking by when he tended to his garden, always having something to say during the meetings of the realm. ” How I wish he would see me”, She said to herself.  ” I would love him in ways he has never felt. I would love him  forever” whispering as if the winds could take her words to him.

Things changed during the festival of Darim, where some beings are selected to pass through the giant gates to the upper realm. An old dwarf taking his walk of grace glanced her way and saw the longing in her heart.

“My child, you must be rid of these yearnings…let them wither away as dreams do when one awakens from slumber. You would not know what to do if you held him in your arms, for you are Dayath, the dreaded one.”

She looked at him, her lips trembling as if a fever had come upon it. “Why, why?” She asked, her eyes glistening; tears, threatening to pour. “Why should I be denied this? Is the day not cursed, that has no light? If a night is denied its glitter of stars, would we sit in awe and call it beautiful?” She was shaking uncontrollably, heavy with sadness. The Dawrf shook his head slowly, knowing that against his better judgment he was going help her. He shook his head, wondering about the futility of it all.

“My child, this is what you must do. Take a tuft of your hair, using only the the bottom of the strands and wrap it tight with a  leaf. Speak the words of your heart into it and they shall echo in his heart also. For as long as the stars glow with a green light, Layif will be yours . But be warned, child, fate comes without a knock and what must be will be. Go, do as I said but you must tell no one of this secret.” Then he left, walking through the giant gates; never to return.

Dayath quickly ran home and followed the Dwarf’s advice. True to his words, Layif came looking for her and for the very first time called her by her name. “Dayith, empress of my heart”. They stayed together near the hill Ide, basking under the greenish glow of the stars; “Emeralds of the sky”, Layif called them, love dancing in his eyes. They sired a son and daughter but after twenty years, fate came strolling by to deliver its fatal knock. The spell was broken.

Layif flew into a rage and summoned the older spirits of the realm, sharing before the council the tale of Dayath’s deception . It was then decreed that both offspring, now taboo, be banished from the realm, down to the middle world called Earth. They would be bound by this law with Layif taking them to Earth, teaching them of its ways, of pain, of destiny and Dayath waiting to pick them up at the end of their time

And so it was that the stars still shine bluish-white from the days of our forefathers till now and divorce is still a habit of our time.


25 thoughts on “The Secret of stars” by Zino Asalor (@zinzino)

  1. Wow!!! What a fantastic tale you have woven! Love the ethereal feel, love the names you used, and your imagination of the origin of divorce. Love this piece!.

    1. Thank you Mercy. Your feedback, much appreciated!

  2. Well done Zino. Made for an interesting read. Care to tell how the stars changed from “Emeralds of the sky” to “bluish-white”? We might still be able to reverse the divorce rates, you know. Made me laugh; thanks for that.

  3. Thanks Abby. They were only green in their eyes, a result of the spell. When it broke, they saw its true colour. I guess I should have made this more obvious in the story. Thanks once again.

    1. That explains it. Let’s just hope that the spell of love stops breaking and causing divorces.

  4. You mean divorce actually came between death and life??!! Damn! Lol.
    Great piece, i can just imagine the creative mind that came up with something like this. Thumbs up, Zino.

    1. Thanks Lade, for reading and for your kind words :-)

  5. this is a unique and beautiful story. you definitely do have a creative mind. more grease to your elbow!

    1. Thanks Beautiful. For reading and for describing my story with your name

  6. D'lameone (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    very good writing. I am getting into your style more and more. great going

    1. Thanks. Hope you read my next post. It may be…erm…different from the others

  7. Hmmm, Fantasy…..
    I loved this. totally.
    My best line “If a night is denied its glitter of stars, would we sit in awe and call it beautiful?” Classic.
    ..and i ‘gree with Abby, Divorce rates can still be reversed.
    well done!

    1. Thanks RemiRoy. Your feedback makes me :-). Much appreciated!

  8. Sounds like a tale from Final fantasy…or an epic folklore of some sort. But it got me thinking…if these spirits where the harbingers of divorce then they must be demons…cuase divorce aint a good thing…

    On the other hand, it sounds like one of those tales that go ‘Why we do this and that today’ – seeking to give a fabled explanantion for the fun of it.

    lol…you should write for comics and graphic novels with this kind of imagination

  9. LOL..I’m heading to the church now to cast out these demons! Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot. Cheers!

  10. i feel this story was rushed and that there is still much of these glorious words to feed us with. but good story Zino,

    1. Thanks Lulu. Yeah, I coulda slowed things down a bit tho. Thats true. Anyway, thanks for the compliment

  11. Zino! hey man i just finished reading the Arabian Nights, and something tells me this story is from one of its missing pages long lost in time. A beautiful weave! (I’ll send you a message soon. I’m a believer…

    1. Scot, thanks man. Ur too kind!

  12. Awesome story dino..reminded me of the ost glorious book i read one time…eye of the world…you’ve got the skill dude…

    1. Thank you Estrella

  13. very creative piece.
    lovely story too.
    what inspired this?

    1. Thanks Anderson. I used to have this scrap book where I’d write a story a day, no matter how short or how crazy the story was, just working the creative muscles. This was one of the the stories from that book. Glad you like it

  14. Nicely done

    1. Thanks Gretel. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment

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