The Greater Pain (2)

The Greater Pain (2)

Amen and Amen” chorused the Maitama family as they gathered to pray for the safety of their beloved James. A family of six with the eldest being Moses who incidentally is the Managing director of MIRAX. After the prayers Mrs Maitama took Moses outside for a walk. “Now that your father is not around you are the light of the house. I know you have influence  in the police and beyond so I want you to go down to the site and try to negotiate with the Police in charge to talk to your Dad and help to give him strength that we are behind him a hundred percent!

Yes mother, I will do as you ask.” Moses replied with a hug to his mother thinking to himself how strong of a warrior his mum has been through this.

Moses Maitama got to the scene as  the explosion occurred. His heart stopped for a second as he knew that could be his father in that room. Moses called one of the orderlies of the I.G. he knew to ask him of the situation and also pointing out that his father is actualy in the building.

The officer replied “Oga Moses, Na I.G. daughter! Na she die for that blast

Moses knew that it would be impossible to get into the situation room now since the I.G was personally involved in this situation. He was a former army personnel so he knew. Thinking about his options he resolved to stay and watch while he got more information from his contacts at the site.

So daddy O, how far?” Egbere asked.

To think that you go could go this far Jamiu, this isn’t just your style! ” stated Ed. “You are into killing and not being seen. This is too loud for you and i think you are not alone in this.

Correct guy! sharp too if I may add but then again do not assume you can psychoanalyse me now Eddy. Its too early for that. These are my demands! I want 100 million dollars in cash delivered to us here and an armoured vehicle as transportation. You have 24 hours to do so.” Egbere replied

A billion naira! Jamiu you know that is impossible to get in a day and the MOPO will just come in and get you anyway! You killed the I.Gs daughter and you expect to just get billions of naira and walk away

The call had already been terminated before Ed could talk him.

The situation had developed into a very tense one because there was going to be only one outcome at the end and bloodshed was never going to be avoided.

As the officer highest in ranking next to the I.G., I am taking over the proceedings. any objections ” Jonathan Majekodunmi stated. Everyone including the I.G. was in agreement but was also in fear because they knew he was going to invade the premises and he was going to go in very heavy.

He then ordered snipers from the army to the site with additional bomb squad units to stand by in case of any explosives that could be disarmed. He looked at the list and ordered that the names should be cross checked for any VIP, army or paramilitary personnel taken hostage also. If the opportunity presents itself he would prefer the attack to go quickly to avoid more deaths. Time was not on their sides for Ed told them that Egbere says 24 hours but he means 10 hours and when he doesn’t get what he wants then he starts killing them one by one till the 24 hour mark and off course by then there would be no one left. That is the kind of man Egbere was he pointed.

Ed, I want you to realise that under my command I can not allow any subordination of any kind. You fail to obey and i will have you court marshalled and you will be sent to jail. You understand!

Yes sir!” replied Ed

So who do we have in side that could be resourceful?

there are 3 soldiers in there sir and there are about 37 company directors and CEO’s present in there. apparently there was a meeting of technological companies to talk about a project which was classified. My contacts at Nigerian Television Authority say it was a deal that could make or mar this country. Ed may be right, there may be more to this” stated James. He went on to add that  the three soldiers are  sergeants and they have had combat experience on Liberia and Congo. They are good operatives and with good coordination the crisis should end quickly.

Till then we have to make sure that we do it by the book and make it seem we are going along with the Hostage takers. The media is reporting and we have people watching. Its best we try to resolve this as calmly as possible. Although that seems impossible from the deliberations” Ed said with anger in his voice because he knew they were playing into Egbere’s trap.

We need to get a profile on the Armed men inside and the areas they have secured, we need to exploit every opening! Failure is not an option! you all have 30 minutes.“Stated the Captain as he turned to comfort his friend.

As he walked out towards the media vans Ed made calls to his colleagues to bring the files of Jamiu Shina aka Egbere to check known associates and past meetings he has had before his capture. Something does not feel right he keeps telling himself and this whole issue is about a murder that is going to rock the whole of Lagos. He has murdered the I.G’s daughter without incident. There is something big in the shadows and he needs to be prepared to take it on.

Edward Osho?” asked a certain man.

Yes how may I help you? We are in a middle of a crysis and I dont have the luxury time at this point. So this better be important” replied Edward.

My name is Moses Maitama and i have an offer you can not refuse!

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  1. hmmnn! This is more of Part 1 but i can understand that. Im waiting for the third installment.

  2. Interesting Aderemi, would have expected a brief description of the I.G’s reaction to his daughter’s death…Eagerly awaiting the 3rd Part..Well done!

    1. True that Mercy.

  3. Was wondering about the Maitama family initially and how no mentioned was made of them anymore but I see your cliffhanger right there bro, nicely done. I feel a conspiracy brewing and you’ve referenced it. Quite impressive. You’ve left us with quite a bit to s on till the next post. Well done. Your muse must be working on overdrive.

    I do think you need to be consistent with your tenses, as well as punctuations and watch out for spelling errors. I think your choice of words and sentence contruction need work. Consider the following:
    You said, “Thinking about his options…’ You could try ‘Considering his options…’

    You said, “Time was not on their sides for Ed told them that Egbere says 24 hours but he means 10 hours and when he doesn’t get what he wants then he starts killing them one by one till the 24 hour mark and off course by then there would be no one left. That is the kind of man Egbere was he pointed.”
    You could try, ‘Time was not on their side. Ed had told them that Egbere’s concept of timing was warped and the hostages would all be dead by his 24hour deadline, if his demands were not met.’ Will leave it at that.

    Why does Egbere think an amoured vehicle would pay him? He could get caught up in Lagos traffic now. lol

  4. Thanks for that wonderful comment Abby, I was distracted by the typos and wrong tenses. But I really like the pace of the action and the suspense that was built into the story. Well done.

  5. @hmm maybe i should have asked for a helicopter lol

    1. lol, no bi naija? fuel fit finish oh. You never know, Egbere’s choice of transport might aid his capture. Just saying.

    2. Mister, what’s up? Would have thought parts 3-6 would be up and posted by now. Do we need to send Egbere to you for a formal reminder?

  6. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    I really enjoyed reading.. I can’t wait for the 3rd installment, then, would I comment..
    Nice one.

  7. Aside from what Abby has pointed out, I’m wondering why the speech is italicized. Like the end though, leaves me wanting to know what happens next. More! More!! More!!!

  8. what can i say but ask for more.
    this wasn’t as revealing as part one though.

  9. Where is part 3 nah???

  10. am back and stay tuned, accident and had to travel back to nigeria cos i was in uk. its cool now stay tunned

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