Second Chance

Second Chance

Walking like I would stumble any minute

Yet I find that I could go on till eternity

Where is the source? The strength?

Who gave the order?

Telling me to go this far?

Assuring me that I could make it?

Was it my heart, my head?

Ascending the stairs

I could see my chances before I alighted

Grasping the ball, I see my options

How can I believe in my judgment?

I’ve been wrong so many times

I don’t see me anymore, so I look for a new heart.

As I muse to myself and walk on the side of the road

My core is screaming many thoughts

I marvel at how I can walk the walk

And not fall on to road and get crushed under the commotion

My life was a strong kneaded rope

Then it became tender with damage

My life then became a thread

Now the thread is thin and weak, so slight, barely holding on

Pity a thread cannot be mended

Then I’m reminded

That I can change course

But with my life thread weak, how?!

I try not to disbelieve

I really do try

But it’s not my fault that I fail

Then as I turn

Just turn,

The thread gives way

I’m falling,

I close my eyes to accept my destiny

Just when I think I’m almost there-

You catch me

You hold me close

Reassure me you are there

Tell me I’m not done

Then you gave me a new purpose

I find myself.

14 thoughts on “Second Chance” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. 2cute4u, you are just too much. This poem reminds me of God. And it reminds me of hope and the kind of mercy that says ‘NO’.

  2. Truly a second chance…Nice one..

  3. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    @Lade, thanks, when I started writing, I wasn’t sure where it would lead to till I was done..

    @Mercy.. Thank you..

  4. This sure reminds me of God too.

    ‘Where is the source? The strength?

    Who gave the order?

    Telling me to go this far?’

    HE did! I absolutely love this.

    well done here!

  5. I do agree with the ladies; a spiritual poem indeed. These are too lofty for a human to attain to. Only God gives the kind of strength in the weakness you described or even gives a new purpose. Yay! to Him.
    Well done girl.

  6. An acknowledgment of God’s encompassing power.
    very spiritual indeed.
    i love this piece of yours.

  7. Someone said well done girl. If Lade’s a female, then she must be talking about a guy. Females don’t fail to use caps for God like Lade did in 2nd n 4th to last lines. Am me right Lade? Good poem. Can almost see the short film version of it. Keep the poems coming.

  8. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    @ RemiRoy.. Thank you.. I’m glad you love it..

    @abby.. Lol.. well someone inspired by God could be that too you know.. Thanks dear for commenting..

    @ Anderson-Paul.. Thank you dear..

    @ Jaywriter.. You too do! Lol, please its not Lade’s but well of course you already knew that

  9. are welcome.
    just keep writing.

  10. the ohers have really said it all, you are excellent!

  11. this was so beautifulllll and so cute.

  12. Yes, this is more like it. I enjoyed this as much as everyone did, I think. The message is deep but clear. Well done!

  13. Filled with meaning…Rich.

  14. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Thanks Guys!!!

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