Mourn de’ Man.

Mourn de’ Man.

Scriptures of street dreams flood the ether
Innocent of how the world schemes, the Child entered
The reality, a smoke filled weightlessness
Flicking the butt, I watched the Man fall with it in helplessness
It was never part of the truth, that He would join the linnets
Where’s the seller of time? I need more minutes

I was told the Child did father the Man, can you not remember ?
The last seconds reveal Him dying with my last hope
Tell father I will not be coming home
I have killed a Man

8 thoughts on “Mourn de’ Man.” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. Another hard one to decipher…though I like the way it flows…

    1. Ditto that Mercy.

  2. Truly,i tried hard but didnt get what its about.
    please o help break it down a little.

  3. Hi all….I hope this description helps.

    For every person who is born, the child whom we initially were, comes before the Man/Woman whom we finally become. The habits we form in our youth and the accompanying influences dictate the shape and mentle of the adult male/female who is formed after, whom we end up becoming. Those who refuse to or cannot assume the responsibilities of a Man/Woman, those who cannot be MEN/WOMEN are those who in themselves, the growing children can never mature… they have killed the Men/Women they were meant to be.

    1. Hmmm, makes sense.

  4. interesting.
    now i can relate with every line.
    makes a whole lotta sense.
    thank you.

  5. still dont get it, really.

  6. hmmm interesting.

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