11 thoughts on “Her Plea” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. Wow. there’s deep sadness here, I can almost touch it.
    I really hope they do remember…
    Short and touching.

  2. “Remember my kids”. Does sound sad. It seems a plea to a person or system that came in under the guise of helping but has ‘forgotten’. The 2nd stanza got me. Well done.

  3. Is this based on a real life incident? A woman who has been wrongly convicted fro something or so? Its so strong…and that image makes it seem so real…like its a real life plea…

    Good work!

  4. @Afronuts, Abby, Remyroy & Mercy….. Thanks guys for all the compliments. I wanted to write a poem with a theme based on an African mother’s plight concerning poverty and I felt words alone won’t convey the full depth of my poem so I included this picture I got off the internet.

    I’m a bit concerned though about copyright infringements with regards to the source and owner of the picture not being acknowledged in this work…what do you all think?

    1. If the copyright issue bothers you, you might want to acknowledge the owner in the comment log or something.

  5. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    You portrayed you theme in simple lines.. Nice

  6. Very touching poem. Made even more so by the picture.
    Don’t know about the copyright issue. Did you get it from a particular website? Maybe you can write them if you did.

  7. Forgot to mention the fact that this work almost a year old and I can’t remember the site I got the picture from….

  8. LD, how dare you use my Grand mom’s photo for your wonderful poem?? LOL!

    Ok, it is a well written poem, the only part I woulda changed is the end “Please remember my kids”. Based on her photo and story, She’ll be more likely to say ‘my children’ rather than ‘my kids’…somehow kids sounds more hip, less emotional…u know, kinda off character (i may be wrong tho)

    Anyway, well done and look forward to more of your work. One love!

  9. i am touched by this short but brilliant piece.

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