Dirt Off The Shoulder

Dirt Off The Shoulder

Shoulders above
Boom boom echoes.
Close shutters
Majestic Olumo
On which I stand
Far away from you.
Many answers
No questions
To an open trap.
Dirt off the shoulder
Swallows whole
Like a pseudo mole
In quicksand.
Wide open shutters.
I rest.
I live.

Ayojomi. June 12, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Dirt Off The Shoulder” by Adura Ojo (@Naijalines)

  1. I loved this poem, its short, precise and wonderful.

  2. Good stuff. Few words, many interpretation.

  3. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Just as I knew you were capable of doing..
    This is great stuff! I love it.

  4. simple,precise and lovely.
    i love your choice of words too.
    nice one.

  5. Thanks, guys.
    I wrote it with a number of themes in mind, intertwined.

  6. The voice is no doubt that of a photographer on top of the Olumo rock – did i get it? I love the preciseness of this poem. Short, sharp and cutting on the edge on the mind…would sound nice rendered to drumbeats on a samba

  7. @ Afronuts

    Your interpretation is interesting. It wouldn’t have occurred to me.
    I guess that’s the beauty of poems and any literary piece – The different colours to the seer or the wearer.

    I was writing with Abiola and June 12 in mind. Kind of a celebration of his victory which was not allowed to see the time of day. That in death, his victory has not been forgotten, he lives on in many minds as to why democracy is important. Allusion to Olumo Rock, him being an Egba man and untouchable in death, though baited while alive. But also a reminder that Olumo, like democracy is timeless, and will stand the test of time.

    However, there are personal interpretations/themes too.

  8. Hmm, very nice poem. crisp and to the point.

  9. Just saw this. Thanks Remi. Albeit, a belated reply from me:)

  10. I fell for the obvious Olumo Rock interpretation. Good one!

  11. Thanks, Doubleexpresso. Olumo Rock/Abiola connection is the same reason it was published here on June 12. It’s also now in the current edition of Sentinel Nigeria:-)

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