Agbada Blues

Agbada Blues

Give words to these birds that my deeds do spread…
Misery mourns for those heads held against this bet; Death is deaf…
or maybe tilted to the left
Life is a debt only paid with death
But I will not lie in leaky boats that ask no token of my own

Hades must be warned! Eshu will not stop…
For Sango is the way lightning becomes rain.
Peace is still…it will not speak…
Love’s a key that’s lost its teeth…
Time is discrete when  darkness paints.

Your heart bleeds at the feet of your mind
Live today…tomorrow try
Only, today never dies

And man will live…for God forgives
But memories peek while angels sleep
Sacrifice will not suffice…
Only a genie’s lamp will aid your vice
not rattled cowries that bring native advice…

Anger spills into the greater good
Guarded by principle…guided by rage
Hell is dispensable!
That which cannot walk must fly
The night of a million blood is nigh

Give words to these birds that my deeds do spread
Death is deaf…
It will not hear

(Agbada Blues. Written by Scot Eritemu)


Hades- Greek mythology; god of the underworld

Eshu- Yoruba mythology; trickster god and intermediary

between gods and humans

Sango- Yoruba mythology; god of thunder

12 thoughts on “Agbada Blues” by Scot Eritemu (@seritemu1)

  1. Okay, this is one hard poem to decipher!..I love the word play though..

    1. I’ll be sure to write a commentary on the piece, in the coming days. It’s an emotional response to the Nigerian politics. Thanks for reading.Scot

  2. ‘Death is deaf…or maybe tilted to the left’
    i love that line.

    1. So do I. Glad you found something you liked. If you give it time, i’m sure the poem will grow on you, as it has me. thanks for reading

  3. Like Mercy said…its a tough nut to crack, this poem. Besides I’m confused right from the title. But its evident that you’re a good wordsmith!

    1. thanks for the compliment. Like I stated earlier, i’ll post a commentary on this piece in the coming days, as it is one of the poems I hold dear to my heart. Its an emotional response to the Nigerian political scene. You don’t always get it the first time, sometimes you’ve got to let it grow on you. Scot

  4. Hmmmm,interesting poetry,i m getting a picture of it from the comments.
    but if there is one thing i am sure of,its the fact that words love your pen.
    well done.

    1. …as they evidently love yours. thanks man

      1. you are welcome bro,keep on writing.

  5. ‘ll go with Mercy. Kinda hard to understand. Waiting for the commentary, ‘ll reread it then.

  6. like mercy said, it was hard to understand, not a big fan of poetry though, you write well.

  7. Wonderful really really good.
    The title deceived me.
    Keep on Scot.

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