We Do Not Forget (Updated)

We Do Not Forget (Updated)

We do not forget pain, our scars keep score
The poor suffer freely
The rich imprisoned by lack of want

The wicked never forget,
Thirst for bad deeds never quenched
The kind are never forgotten,
An inkwell of good repute is never dry

A good liar never forgets his lines
Only the characters change
We cannot recognise truth unlearned

Only a fool forgets truth
He does not have what it takes to remember it
We don’t forget truth
Even when we are yet to face it.

Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Ayojomi – May 3, 2010

14 thoughts on “We Do Not Forget (Updated)” by Adura Ojo (@Naijalines)

  1. Can you make it longer? It's a nice read.

  2. Naijalines (@)

    I would love to. It does feel like it should be longer. I will try to dig in for more. Could take a while:-)

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Naijalines (@)

    @ Kay9

    I have added more lines, so it is longer. What do you think?

  4. Good poem. Imprisoned by lack of want? Like the ironical tone of that statement.

  5. Yeah, that line got me too. Pretty ironic.
    I like the poem; we really do not forget.
    Er Ma’am, so when we do forget, we have turned fools abi? Hmm not enticing enough. lol

  6. would have been sweeter if its longer but yet this short lines tell a lot.
    i love it.

  7. I like Stanzas 1 and 2 the most, kind of deep especially your line 1…very strong entrance!. Suggestions: Repetitive use of “never” didn’t help this poem, I feel you can alternative words to carry your meaning. Good effort tho’, will read you again

  8. ‘We do not forget pain, our scars keep score’
    deep words! nice poem.

  9. Thanks guys for your feedback:)

    @ Zino Asalor, I feel you on your observations and have in fact done a rewrite with those specific points in mind. (It should not have gone out like that in the first place, lol)

    @ Remi, thanks. Appreciate your writings too.

  10. Now, this is GOOD POETRY! This is the kind of stuff I have been missing here.

  11. shai (@shaifamily)

    Fine piece of artistry with deep meanings unearthed with every line read. I like, very much.

  12. I so agree with Raymond and Shai! This surely is good poetry, the kind that makes you come away a much better person! Well done.

  13. Thank you so much, guys. I’m trying to work on a collection, so your feedback is just the motivation I need.

  14. Liars do forget their lines

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