The Last Dance

The Last Dance

She was just been openly jilted by her boyfriend.  After their dinner, he told her that he had fallen in love with someone else, a more beautiful lady than herself.  They had been inside a restaurant and in front of everyone, she threw a glass of water at him and walked out of the restaurant.

That same night, she went to a beer parlour and ordered for a drink at the bar to quench the anger of being humiliated by her own boyfriend, now “ex-”.  She idly watched a couple dancing a slow waltz to a pure instrumental jazz music playing from a juke-box.  It was obvious, she clearly realised, that the night-meal and everything else she had with her boyfriend were their last.  A tear quietly trailed down her cheek as she secretly admired the glorious dance of the couple.  This made the split with her boyfriend all the more painful.  She watched with awe as the couple kissed at intervals.  When the jazz music gradually came to an ethereal end, the couple stopped dancing but never left the dance floor.  They looked into each other’s eyes and simultaneously touched each other’s cheeks.  Mesmerized, she watched.

Gradually, they touched each other’s clothed torsos.  He opened her blouse.  She opened his shirt.  What the jilted lady saw shocked her.  Bombs!!  Real, red, thin bombs!!  In a flash, she removed his shirt and he removed her blouse.  The jilted lady raised an alarm by screaming, jumped out of her seat and made a run for the exit of the beer parlour.  All heads turned towards the dance floor.  By the time she reached the exit, the bombs on the couple’s bodies had exploded.  People started running for their dear lives.  The building exploded and came crashing down on them.  Piercing screaming rang out.  The lady knocked her head against the bonnet of a car and passed out.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself on a hospital bed and her mother by her bedside.  As she squeezed her mother’s hand and the whole incident came back to her, she clearly realised that the dance of the couple in the beer parlour was their last.

22 thoughts on “The Last Dance” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. Wow! I’ll gladly take her last meal over that couple’s last dance.
    This short and sweet. Thumbs up, Emanuella

  2. lol…i know i shouldn’t be laughing at people’s death but i can’t help it. y would such a loving couple decide to be suicide bombers, na wa o. touching story. love d way u write. keep it up!

  3. I appreciate the creativity that went into this. It is quite a unique slant on a break-up story. This wasn’t for me, though. I can’t explain why- it just didn’t grip me. Well done for having such a unique perspective, all the same. :)

    1. I ditto @Funmi-F the story could have done with more imagery and suspense, I fink.

      By the way, I noticed this “Piercing screaming rang out. ” That should be “Piercing scream rang out.” I’nit?

  4. Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    I like it, thanks for sharing. liked how you did not show any qualms for burning-them-up, I don’t know why but I half wanted your main character to die with the couple, why? I don’t know, just say I felt the dark side while reading.

  5. it started out as a ‘woe is me, I shall die alone’ kind of story, and then bam!! something worse than a break-up occurs. nice way to put things in perspective.

    @ beautiful- yeah it was kinda funny :)

  6. wow
    very creative piece,
    didnt expect the twist though.

  7. What a twist indeed! Bombs, like for real? Ha! Hehehehe. I can’t stop laughing ‘cos it sounds so improbable. Well done still.
    A Lade: Ditto ur comment.

  8. it didnt make me laff…what came to mind was “that Ex…has got to go for putting her in the near death situation.”….hmmmm
    Nice twist..just as i was about to say ‘not another jilted girls tale of woe’.

    1. I like your reaction to this story; anger at the ex.

  9. daveblog (@daveblog)

    A grpping tale …with a quick ending

  10. why in the world did the couple blow themselves up?

    1. I’m guessing that’s an aside to the real story; a story we might never get to hear about.

      1. But who says we won’t? Maybe MC here can give us a story on that soon?

        Over to you o!!!

  11. Another great Flash fiction..Okay I need to learn how to do this from you..Well done!!

    1. @Mercy, all you have to do is read more, learn more, and then someday, you’ll even write better flash fiction than me sef! What you see here as flash fiction written by me are actually fictional musings to me, that’s all. :)

      1. Thanks mastress…Will try my hand at ‘fictional musings’

  12. awwwww,I’m just seeing this and trust me when I say it’s good.
    Thumbs up.

  13. I did not expect that twist in the tale. What does it signify to the jilted lady?

    1. And the melted couple as a matter of fact??? Why would they do such a thing…and if they must why do the “dance and touching the torso” thingy only to reveal their true intent by tearing off their clothes?

      The bombs will still do a good job with their clothes on.

  14. creative.
    short and boko-haram-ish…okay, not exactly. those guys don’t dance.

  15. Very creative though i didn’t understand the twist at the end.
    Nice one.

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