For ‘Rosemary’

Afternoon quiet and sunny
Excited gist all the way
Dome to staff quarters
The cause of our excitement
Party out of this world
It was out of this world
Just not the way we’d imagined
Can still hear you
How was I to know?
Your spirit I admired
Free as a bird
Ultimately devoured

Party in full swing
Had a few drinks
Joke after joke
Your deep-throat choke
We suspected nowt
You went inside
Then it all changed
Tee came running
“Leave right now”
“Leave or you’ll get done too”
“What?” I gasped

Going back to dome
Not far gone
One after the other
Heard you screaming
Piercing, haunting…
Five boys expelled
You remained mute
You’d expected better of me
Did I betray you?
Did I save myself?

Twenty years on
Makes no difference
Haunting in my ears
Wives and mothers both
Chanced meet at the grove
Called your name
Stared right ahead
Knocked me dead
Your strength the only joy
In my haunted spell

©Ayojomi March 2008
All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Haunted” by Adura Ojo (@Naijalines)

  1. My heart breaks for the person who was referred. I’m glad too she survived the ordeal and came away strong in the end. Stron and deep poem.

  2. wow
    goes deep.
    thought in a lot of directions.
    nice write.

  3. Very sad poem and very good too. Seems the writer has to live with the guilt forever and the xter lives with the scar forever. Lovely poem.

  4. @Jay: i think that about sums it up.
    Really sad!

  5. Really deep..grasped the meaning eventually…really sad too..

  6. Too carried away with the emotions it conveyed that I forgot to add…Great piece!!

  7. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.

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