What more can I say

What more can I say

What more can i say
Of trials and travails
Or trauma and horror
Of monks and nuns
Of pagans and necromancers

What more can i say
Of these to my generation
Who seek liberation and justification
As moles they grope in caves
And Ichabod wraps them in graves

What more can i say
Of needless ramblings
A stone gauged in the sling
The bow and arrow is set to bring
The Avenger down with a big bang
What more can i say
Of you and I
When the Sun of righteousness
Arises with healing in His wings


8 thoughts on “What more can I say” by Reneé Anastasia Davidenko (@chinelo-a.-onwubuya)

  1. wow, i like. especially the scriptural allusions. well done.

  2. Good spiritual stuff.

  3. i love it totally,every line and its spiritual intonations.thank you.

  4. I agree that it has spritual undertones. It is a nice poem.

  5. awwwwwwww,really loved every line.nice.

  6. i liked the title, reminds me of an old encounter with a lecturer

  7. End of the matter. Nothing more to be said.

    Well done!!!!

  8. shai (@shaifamily)

    Doink…I must leave my own comment.

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