The kiss!!!

The kiss!!!

….Nai could feel her heart in her mouth. it was pounding. heart beats skipping. her hormones in total control. she inched closer to cover the space between them…she just couldnt bear it any longer. she took in all of him…he pushed her lips to part,and she willingly obliged them…how could she not? those full succelent lips of his….his hands travelled down to her hips,and he started to caress them,motioning in slow regular patterns,and then he speed up…going faster and deepening the kiss,wanting all at once. he moved away only for a split second to catch his breath,and all she could do was melt towards him…her knees were weak and her mind was blurry. he held her tight,and looked down into the two little pool of confusion and pure lust that used to be her eyes….he smiled into them as if trying to reassure her.

Nai gave him a weak smirk…and allowed her fingers to dive into his hair….oh! that cripsy hair….she closed the gap once more,and started to suck on his lower lips,then she moved to the upper lip…shifting with such pace that drove him more and more into cloud nine. he took charge and hostled her up on the table right infront of them, and moved down south,using only his tongue and hands…..that jilted her back to earth and she pushed him away….

“what was that about?” Nai yelled at no1 in particular as she jumped off her bed.
She couldnt believe Kabir was now haunting her! how dare him? after the reply her sent her?? her must be nuts or something!
Naima was fuming with rage. she just didnt want to accept that she was mad at him for not trying harder. did he think she was that cheap and easy?

just because she sent him a message saying she wasnt sure she was ready,he had chickened out? well,good riddance then,cos she wasnt going to be one of those desperate girls out to satisfy him. if he wasnt ready to face the heat,then he might as well just move ahead and let her be!

But why was she even bothered? why did she think he should try again??
Nai hissed hard,and moved towards the bathroom to get ready for the hospital,trying as hard to forget Kabir as she turned on the shower and poured some of her face wash into her hands.


Naima took her time to dress up as she knew it was now or never. turned out she was wrong about Kabir giving up afteral or so she thot. but why would he invite her out to dinner if he wasnt still interested? she was sure he was going to apologise in his way for being such a coward.

she almost didnt pick the call when it came through earlier that afternoon. but she was playing Craig David’s unbelievable for her mum when the call came,and being that her mum saw who it was,there was no way she could reject the call…moreso,a part of her really wanted to hear what he had to say.

She only agreed to the date only to check him out for herself. she realized that most of the things she knew about him was as a result of stories from others. so,tonight she was on a mission to find out for sure who Kabir was…..the real him…and why exactly he made her want to give up all she believed in and just trust in him to take her there.

she picked the long earrings and held it close to her ears,trying it to see if it fits the short pink cotton gown she chose. it didnt appeal to her,so she tried sweeping up her braids to see if it was better.
she smiled at her image in the mirror…”yea,that will do it” Naima said to herself.
she ramsacked her bag for her butterfly-shaped hair band…she used it to pack the braids in her usual channel O style….

satisfied with the result…Naima proceeded to putting on some make-up. it was one thing she was no expert at. the only make-up she wore everyday was white powder and some lip-gloss. she gave it a try,and then falied.
“well,now you wished you were better at this” Naughty teased her.
“my natural self is even more beautiful,so I aint doing the make-up again” Sweet replied.
“oh really? decieve yourself” Naughty insisted.
“ok, fine! I’ll try once more” Sweet replied,knowing she couldnt win this one.

the good thing about wearing make-up once in a while Naima thought to herself,was that it brought out the best in you. bringing to rear a side of you most people had never seen before. that she was certain about since Kabir just kept going on and on about how ravishing she was looking all night.

he took her to the famous african restuarant over at Essex,and Nai couldnt be more pleased as she ate plaintain and fish to her satisfaction. Kabir was shocked when she ordered for tea as a starter. she then said that she was a “tea person” and took it with all her meals.

they chatted for a long time about nothing in particular. but Naima was at ease,and well within her comfort zone talking about science,literature and so many other stuff. Kabir was really impressed at how much Naima knew about law and international relations,which was his field. he had never come across a science student,so current about stuff like Naima he admitted.

“its getting late” Naima interrupted Kabir’s protest about them spending more time…she was really having fun but knowing she was going to spend the night alone,since aunty Mimi and the kids were yet to come back from their weekend family treat,she thought it wise to get home early,and chat her her way through the night.
He finally obliged her only if she promised to go on another date with him….this time on a shopping spree for his graduation outfit.

Naima’s reply was interrupted by a voice behind her….”I thought you said you werent feeling well” she didnt need to turn,she knew exactly who it was,and from the deep baritone he used,this wasnt going to be a pleasant ending to her rather blissful night……

……. to be continued.

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  1. spesh i wrote something similar
    two days ago.
    Yours is so real, just wanted to say cuddles.

  2. My world (@)

    thanks,dear…will check out yours :-)

  3. hmmm, i did quite get the firt part of the story. was she thinking or reminiscing or something?

    you write well though.

  4. um um um…didnt get wasnt flowing for me..

  5. the only thing i thot of after this interesting story was WAHALA

  6. I ditto Remi’s comment.

  7. thanks guys….more to come soon :)

  8. awwwww,wahala dey

  9. The first part sounded to me like a dream of some sort…Noticed you typed ‘jilt’ instead of ‘Jolt’ and repeatedly typed ‘her’ instead of ‘he’…Watch out for those pesky typos!…lol

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