E Go Better

E Go Better

How can i write in bliss ?
When my pen threaten to flee,
Away from my exuding fears.
When my slate is soaked in my own tears,
And my beloved NAIJA face a dark abyss.
Though power supply has long being seized,
I’ll light candles,
Write without cease.
Tonight,i stop being passive.
For my young heart wildly thumps,
I sense a gathering storm.
Should i write about the insane killings at jos ?
The broiling power tussle ?
Or the inept legislators ?
No, i wont risk staring death through that dark muzzle.
I will write to seek justice,

For a nation held captive.
Prisoners of being passive.
A people that make jokes when the president never shows up.
He can rule even from the moon they told us.
They lecture us and say we are GOOD PEOPLE.
Yes, that is because we play dumb and turn our backs to their evils.
They say ours is a GREAT NATION.
We believe in that misguided notion,
Even though we know GREAT dosent mean insensitive leaders that loot a fertile nation,
Now we are caught in tween,
Muttallab’s Al-Queda game and the cunning west.
The million dollar machine of RE BRANDING brilliantly stomped dead.
Our politicians said stand,we stood on untarred roads and empty bellies.
Wait,we waited for water,shelter and fed on vain agenda’s and empty promises.
Pray,we prayed and fasted while they emptied our treasury,
Yet E GO BETTER i hear.
When ???
All i see is despair.
In ironies we breathe,
Contented with the crumbs we eat,
Lets stop living a lie,
And feeding on deceit.
Its time we rise,
Fight,face the truth,
Now is the time,
With our strength,our vigor and our vibrant youth.


9 thoughts on “E Go Better” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    GREAT ONE! I like the optimism. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Fredrick,i am an optimist no matter the circumstances and i always believe it can only get better.

  3. Let’s hope it gets better. Good poem.

  4. @Jay,definitely,it will get better by Gods grace.make una pray o.

  5. The last couple of lines can cause an uprising and am guessing that might be what we need in our dear nation. It is a beautiful recital of the ills bedeviling us as a nation: our leaders’ insensitivitity and the citizens’ passiveness. Kudos bro.

    There were some suspicious lines in there though and the no spaceing thingy.

    Then hey, I got me an issue with this:

    “They say ours is a GREAT NATION.
    We believe in that misguided notion,”

    What are you saying? That we aren’t great? Mind yourself oh.

    1. No,i am not saying we aint great o but we believe in it so much that we forget we have not gotten anywhere yet.
      thank you sha.

  6. nice one,mister,
    really like

    1. Thank you miss
      glad you like

  7. well done Paul..I hope you still carry the fire with which you wrote this o!..This ‘E go better’, it had better happen soon..

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