Beyond All Limits

Beyond All Limits

I can see clearly now…the storm is over

After suffering blisters and bruises

Healing is finally taking its course

However the scars remain, the pain has not been forgotten

But they serve as a memorial…there’s no going back

I now can face today, wave goodbye to yesterday, and welcome tomorrow

I had to be demoted in order to be promoted

From the prison gates to the palace

Here I stand, stronger and bolder then ever

Looking up to the sky, where my help comes from

Knowing that with the God in me, I can sit on top of the world

There are no limits…no boundaries…no hindrances

I was called to rule and reign

I now take purposeful steps towards my destiny

I’m no longer afraid, because I know his thoughts towards me

He has promised that …”No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined.”

The plans that he has for me are limitless

The lover of my heart, body, and soul

The lifter of my head…without him I’m nothing

However, I can do all things through him…he is my strength

He has wiped my tears away….and turned my frown into a smile

He has showed me the true meaning of love

I don’t deserve…I couldn’t do anything to earn it

But his grace has lifted me beyond all limits

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5 thoughts on “Beyond All Limits” by Blessing (@Blessings-Outlet)

  1. Spiritually inclined poem. Good.

  2. As jay said its spiritually inclined but also gives hope too.
    i like it.

  3. Truly inspiring. I like the spiritual undertones.

  4. Blessing (@Blessings-Outlet)

    Thank you everyone! Glad u like it!

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