Song of Success

Song of Success

Do not get halfway and stop.
Move on, till you reach the top.
All those who have reached the top can tell
That if you push on, you too can excel.

You may stumble now and then, or err,
But, friend, do not despair;
Though the climb to success can be rough,
The strength in you is more than just enough!

The joy is richer past the trouble spot;
And there’s an inner guide to help your lot:
The ever still and small, unerring voice
Will ever help you make a worthy choice.

Do not buckle at that great challenge;
It will raise your wisdom and your range;
And if your goal is truly high and noble,
Then you must learn to overcome the trouble.

– Ikeogu Oke

(N/B: Illustration and music score attached.)

9 thoughts on “Song of Success” by Ikeogu-Oke (@Ikeogu-Oke)

  1. Good poem. The rhyming’s also great.

  2. lovely,inspiring and what more can i say.

  3. just too much!

  4. Great rhyming and inspiring content. Good job.

  5. nice motivational stuff.

  6. Truly inspiring! Great rhyme & rhythm! You are a promising poet. Your sweetly simple style shall take you places bro *winks* Seriously, never give up on thy pen.

  7. Very good…totally motivational…well done!

  8. @ikeogu-oke, hey fellow rhyme master….i love this. the rhymes are seamless, the imagery used are very real and the diction is just tight,,, you are a wordsmith and you worth your salt.

  9. @Ikeogu-Oke I was entrapped to never stop reading but to read and to read again the excellent poem…

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