“Target moving west along Marina on foot, heading towards UBA House”

“Roger that. Perterside, approach Broad Street from Tinubu, see if you can cut her off “

“Yes sir”

Criminal Investigative Detective Obi wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief that did little to dry the moisture on his face, seeing as it was already soaked. But he didn’t notice, nor did he care. This case could make or mar his career, and he planned to solve it and prove to his boss that he deserved the promotion he had long sought. He wanted to move to Abuja, away from the hustle and tension of Lagos. Goodness, he was ready to move anywhere! As long as it offered him the opportunity to see his wife and children more regularly. Just then his walkie-talkie crackled

“Sir, the target has disappeared”

“What do you mean the target has disappeared?! Did she fly? Or vanish into thin air magically?”

“Sir…we don’t know. I was waiting at UBA House, and Detective Perterside was on Broad Street as you instructed, but we didn’t see anything”



“Where is my target?”

“Err…sir……I think she might have gone into Balogun market”

“What do you mean she might have gone into Balogun market?! Do you know who that young lady is? She spent half her life in the UK, how would she be able to manoeuvre her way into Balogun market?!”

“I…I… don’t know sir. But she has vanished”

Obi squeezed the walkie-talkie in his hand in frustration and almost flung it on the ground until he remembered in time that he was still paying for the last three he had destroyed in anger. This case was beginning to cost him his sleep and his Chief of Department’s respect.

“Ok boys, lets head back to base” he said resignedly

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  1. oops
    nice story line,i love the way it was building but its kinda short.
    i was hoping there was more.

  2. I’m guessing that’s why its tagged ‘Prologue’
    DoreenMaria; over to you. Where’s the rest of it?

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