Out of the Blues

Out of the Blues

He staggered and I looked on. He was drunk and I know .He was dripping of sweat and it was obvious. Wine, he has gotten a full of it. I know how it feels to get drunk because I have been there. The scene of this drunken man brought back memories that are left unforgotten. As I sit there at the back I recalled every bit of it as I watched the man find his way out of the bar.

It was Kennedy, He made me do it. My ex-partner, he was. I can remember vividly how I sat there with Kennedy on a high stool similar to the one I am on now .I was divorced and depressed. I craved for solace. Kennedy gave it to me and was there for me. I was fooled because it was all pretence. He never really cared. After work one day, he took me to a bar to chill off it was my first time there but I didn’t mind. I cared not either for life has treated me tauntingly.

“Drink away your sorrows ”he encouraged me. And I drank enormously .Lots of drinks I took and got soaked in it. But the pains didn’t go away. As I drank myself to oblivion, I cursed .I cursed my ex-husband for leaving me and taking away my daughter . My jewel. My Precious jewel .I cursed the Judge for granting him custody. Kennedy did nothing but watch me.

Then, I saw him stand. Next, he was leading me out of the bar. Once outside the dark dark night, he bid me goodnight knowing pretty well that I was dead drunk. Obviously, he knew I wouldn’t make it to my house and he didn’t stop me. His wish for me happened. As I drove under the influence of alcohol, I crashed. The accident was the desired effect of Kennedy’s act.

He laughed boldly seeing me soaked in the pool of my own blood. I saw him. I know I did but it was so vague. I couldn’t move a bone as I lay there motionless and speechless. He entered back into the Toyota Camry and zoomed off. I was bewildered. Honestly, it was strange .So strange. But on that busy road at that busy night, there was a soul with a human heart. My good Samaritan, I must call him. Pennal hospital admitted me and I was properly taken care of. Soon, I was fit to go and was discharged.

Why did he betray me? The business wealth, I guess. Our partnership deed has it that at the death of a partner, the other stands to own the business solely. He had the perfect opportunity to do away with me. He did it so indirectly so as to be free from all suspicion. He tried his best but it wasn’t just good enough.

After that incident, I traveled out of the country and Kennedy thought me dead. I went on a journey of solitude to recover from my emotional trauma. It was horrible. I was betrayed by two people I trusted most –My husband and my business partner. I forgive prada for he seeks not my life but for Kennedy, it is a different story. Oh, the sight of this drunken man revived my quest for vengeance in full force. I must act.

I picked my purse and my car keys and left the bar. I shifted my hair from covering my right eye as I made my way to the door. I walked straight to the car park and left the premises straight to my home. I couldn’t sleep as I laid down on my bed face up looking at my ceiling’s design pattern. I planned and plotted. I know Kennedy’s flaws and his ambitious nature and I must get back at him.

I sent a spy after him and he reported back to me but it wasn’t just enough. I need someone close to him to manipulate him. I proceeded by bugging his office and telephone conversations. And then, I trapped him with a beautiful sexy woman. I sent the woman to seduce him. Beautiful Nancy. He was so head over her that he proposed and they got married. She detracted enough secrets from him. Nancy she did a perfect job. From all evidence I got from them, he was a fraudster .I was shocked.

I forwarded my plans by reporting him to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The EFCC monitored his accounts and the evidence I gave concurred with their investigations. The EFCC secured an order from the Lagos High court freezing his account and his office was also sealed. He was arrested and sued to court.
After several trials in court, Kennedy’s case was concluded by the trial Judge, Justice .O Johnson. He was found guilty and was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment in accordance to the level of his offence.

Before he was taken away, He looked around the court room and his eyes locked with Nancy’s. Not even a drop of tears for the man she claimed to love. Eyeball to Eyeball their eyes met and Kennedy felt something strange; something sinister; and he knew that he was betrayed by the woman he called his own. Then, he knew the taste of betrayal.
He turned to go and I called his name. He turned and gasped. “Ja…Jasmine,” he whispered a little bit aloud. His face went all white. He was shocked. So strikingly shocked. Only then he knew within his heart the true source of his misfortune. As he bowed down his head hopelessly, I felt a surge of happiness and I knew the taste of revenge.

Ever Sweet!

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  1. nice story here.
    i was wondering how Nancy was married to him and could still go on with the plans.
    nice story you got.

  2. Nancy must be a business woman to the core, Anderson.
    Nice story Jasmine; people really ought not to mess with one another.

  3. So this is where it all started from….nice..

    1. That was what I thought when I first saw the title..but No Adeyinka, this is not Marya Kudos ‘Out of the blue’..No Zed, No out of the blue..lol

  4. @Adeyinka, I think you may be mistaken. This post is different. I think the one you may be talking about is ‘Uot Of The Blue’. Click on Marya Kudos’ name on the home page Writers’ Section and it’ll take you straight to it.

  5. thanks a lot, that anwers many questions.

  6. Oh jasmine dis story is beautiful I totally loved it.its simply out of d blues.

    1. Empress…i just need to ask; what do you mean when you say this story is simply ‘out of the blues’???

  7. Some tense confusion. Seems likes you couldn’t quite decide to either tell the story in present continuos or past tense. And then…i feel like it was a ‘let’s-just-get-to-the-end’ kinda story…what we would call ‘wuru wuru to the answer’. No offense.

    Nice concept. Nice plot.

  8. @ Seun, its like when she wrote this NS critics were on vacation. I felt I was watching nollywood.

  9. I enjoyed this. As if i was watching a movie. Serves the business partner right for trying to play a smart one. It is sad to see people close to you turn against you. Sure, revenge is dish best served HOT!

  10. Jasmine-Peace (@Jasmine-Peace)

    hy evry1. Am bk. Read ur comments. Tanx. And i hope 2 improvd more in ma skills. U wil receive a post frm me soon.

    1. Ha!
      Hope you wont post in short hand?

  11. Jasmine-Peace (@Jasmine-Peace)

    improve sorry

  12. Jasmine-Peace (@Jasmine-Peace)

    @whiz, sorry because i made a mistake i couldn’t delete. I hate typos. But i guess none is perfect. @ kaycee, thanks for that reminder. Not at al!

  13. Jasmine-Peace (@Jasmine-Peace)

    @kaycee, regardin ur previous comment, instead of being overly critical and downing one’s spirit, why nt point out where u think d person shuld improve on. No writer is perfect. We re all in d growin process.

  14. Jasmine-Peace (@Jasmine-Peace)

    @seun, thanx for that piece, wil improve more next time.

  15. Sweet revenge

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