OSHUN : African Beauty

OSHUN : African Beauty

Oh gracious mother of waters
beautiful woman has come
queen of joy pleasing to thy king
Oh green eyed silent beauty
Voice as sweet as a kind heart
Eye brows as straight as an arrow
Oh great mediator of divine
Fingers coated with melted gold
Shaped with a swan like neck
Oh princess among many others
Resolute cheeks steady as gaze
Gleaming hair with black locks

Oh goddess as capable as a king
lips as bright as berry fondant
Eyes outlined with silver glimmer
Oh daughter dark and comely
Legs long like the harvestman
Waist as round as a circle
Oh queen of beauty and devotion
Won respect in history of goddess
As most beautiful in your time
Remembered for beauty and power

4 thoughts on “OSHUN : African Beauty” by Dekky (@Dekky)

  1. Waist as round as a circle. The poem got me. Good poem. Waist as round as a circle(lol).

  2. An eulogy to a deity? Ni

  3. You must be Oshun state? nice poem!

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