Your clothes are flimsy as rags
With dirt’s that stench the air
Your skin is dry and creaky
Like a bread that lost its touch
Your mouth always quick to speak
With a voice sounding like drums
Despised in the land of everywhere
Wanted in the company of no one
Oh harridan avert from thy ways

Your heart is like the moon
borrowing the light of the sun
You feed on the happiness of men
Just because you hunger for war
You thirst for the blood of a child
So the mother will feel the ache
You wonder in the valley called pain
And find rest in the waters of gyp
Oh harridan repel thy doom to come

Your path leads to a destructive end
That smitten the lives of the innocent
Your thoughts are like soured milk
Leaving a tart taste to the soul of a lass
I cry out to you oh deceitful woman
Your end will be as bitter as gall
I bawl out to you oh vicious one
Your pit is as deep as an abyss
Oh Harridan our land will be saved

2 thoughts on “Harridan” by Dekky (@Dekky)

  1. Now I know a harridan is hardly a nice person but this is one bitter/vexed person. Shows the effect a harridan can have. lol

    Nice depiction of bitter and angry emotions. I also like that the harridan is warned to change her ways to avoid destruction.

  2. yes.like Abby said.u portrayed the perfect description of a haridan and the bitterness and vexed emotions expressed in this poem are very strong.you wove those lines together to work perfectly for you.

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