Candid Confessions

Candid Confessions

Do not put your arms
around me
and strill call me sister;
I’m afraid
you’re spoiling it
for us.

It twitches in me
as it twitches in you,
that sums up not
the whole matter:
it soon multiplies
and send down
the sparks;
and then
the sweet bitter end,
would I stil be
your sister?
Could I still call you brother?

Dear sister,
my mind wore
your mouth last night.
I saw sincerity
around your
candid confession.

Thank you,sister.
Take thanks truthful,
unpretentious sister.
I thought there would be no twitching in you like in me.
Now I know:
two twitches all alone,
make more twitches.
Now I would touch you
for more twitches,
then you would call me
brother,my sister!

9 thoughts on “Candid Confessions” by sola (@sola)

  1. Good poem. Trying to shy away from feelings isn’t usually the best. Good stuff.

  2. speaks of hidden emotions,
    i like its simplicity.

  3. Not sure my interpretation of the above is it but while it does speak of hidden feelings.

    1. Meant to say it does speak of hidden feelings.

  4. Love your use of the word ‘twitches’ in place of ‘aroused feelings’..I am guessing the twitches are romantic in nature, hence your reason for questioning the use of ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ to address each other… great story, great poetry..apart from the typos, it is superb!

  5. to say the truth I did not really understand this poem.

  6. @Sola, m sure u’ve spotted the typos. all this twitching…na wa o. looking from another perspective, ARE THEY ACTUALLY INCESTUOUS BROTHER AND SISTER?? Tune in next week for the next episode of candid confessions…

  7. …by Sola.

  8. @sola … a piece I enjoyed while reading it because of its realism… keep on writer for this is quite great…

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