A Wake up Call

A Wake up Call

arise oh ye slumbering gaints arise
arise and become whom you are arise
you are the son of a king, arise my hero’s arise
you are a heir to the throne of justice, freedom, arise
you are a heir to the throne of love, liberty arise
arise my innate being arise and become great,arise

arise oh ye my heart folks, arise my friend my patroits
arise and seek a way t’ fallow thy growth, our farmlands
arise and reason a new course t’ grow our highways
many paths leadeth t’ many fortunes floweth our passions
yet, must we polish her willpower to stand and rule actions
yet, many new routes untapped, yet aboundeth resources

come all ye folks my friends alike my likes are likes
lets build a new roadway t’ grow our srenght with valours
as we lay our roadways with gold, silver, emrald glazes
mine our diamond, gliter , glo, glares, blares my zain
yet, must we polish our raw-gold in our new furnaces

work my walk, reason my logic works, our intelligence spoke!
lets reason a new way out, a beautiful world cares for our own
arise my sunshine stars, arise and shine, bobo star , shine
we are stonecutters at work, work, walk, work,smart worker, walk!
embolden our artistry, work wonder work, www.wonder worker walk!
for being human is being innovative, creativity is imaginativity!
arise my folks at heart arise, and become great, arise!

7 thoughts on “A Wake up Call” by prof.ozichie (@prof.ozichie)

  1. We’ll surely arise. Good work. Inspiring too.

    1. Love this…thumbs up

  2. very inspiring and hope filled write up.
    well done mate.

  3. Well done sir, arise we shall, one day.

  4. could be the new hunam anthem, except that it has four stanzas that many will find difficult to memorise..(especially me..lol). well done Prof.

  5. Inspirational work for the miind, I agrre with mercy too.

  6. @prof.ozichie … I love this intelligently crafted poem…

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