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The Dead Area

The Dead Area – A Nigerian Zombie Apocalypse Story

One Monday, the world ended. An infection was let loose globally, turning humans into mindless flesh eaters- you can call them Zombies if you like. Philip Ademola is an average Nigerian and he is unprepared- like every other Nigerians- for the new realities of the apocalypse. This is his story of survival. EPISODE ONE And so … Continue reading The Dead Area – A Nigerian Zombie Apocalypse Story

Zombie WarZ Part 2

Zombie warZ Part 2: Burnt Cookies As told by Donald PenPrince (For part 1 and what happened before. See:http://www.naijastories.com/2015/11/zombie-warz/ ) Two men conversed as smoke billowed out the side of a burning building, in a hallway, on the thirteenth floor of the senate building. Neither seemed concerned by the fire or the jammed elevators. What … Continue reading Zombie WarZ Part 2