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PROLOGUE   Judge Melaye Umar stood ill at ease and waited for his phone to ring. He occasionally looked down the window into the street below. From the third floor, he watched the movement of the people as a god might watch those under his sway. They looked small, like rodents in an open field. … Continue reading THE ENEMIES WITHIN – Prologue

Someone Has To Die

Today makes it seven years Since my family moved here. Abule Oko! A land with hills and valleys, Wonderful plains, Peasants and hunters. Her valleys, filled with banana, The slopes with palms, The hills with cassava, edible fruits and vegetable. Abule Oko is encircled with stories. Stale and flowery tales, Jumping from lips to lips … Continue reading Someone Has To Die

Pleasure – She Likes It?

“There is a moment during rape, when the girl feels the pleasure too” Dukan’s friends had stated that clearly in his ears several times, but he had doubted, because it sounded impossible. The times he felt the urge, he subdued it. Dukan held himself powerfully against his wish because he couldn’t rape, he couldn’t bare … Continue reading Pleasure – She Likes It?

A Diary Of Two Possibles

The boy ran into the room and slammed the door shut. The room held only darkness but he wasn’t afraid of it. There were greater fears than darkness. For one so little, he understood that the darkness would be his shelter. And a shelter was what he needed now. All he cared about was escaping … Continue reading A Diary Of Two Possibles


Behold another fiery alarm Again in the Eden of Adam! We kill and are killed like Abel That the deaf can hear the bell   The earth rises and is so angry Hungry for sanity and so wary We are crowded by the flood Wildfires grazing on our blood   Why do you, Oh heat and wind Wind waters and flush our land In disembowelment of the earth In a cyclonic dishevel of death?   Why, why are you so against us? With crises … Continue reading Earthrise