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Clarion Call 9

  By this time, I had completely adjusted and the once rigorous camp routines bothered me no more. I was encompassed by a slight sense of relief mingled with urgent haste and pleasure that was overshadowed with regret. In the better part of three weeks, I had been through many new and intense experiences: some … Continue reading Clarion Call 9

Clarion Call Eight : My Chance, Sango, and the Little Child.

  Love is a hurricane, sometimes it will toss you away like a cheap coin and sometimes it will lend you wings to roam the sky. “I will leave you soon. When I do, keep going”.  Those were the mysterious words I uttered to my friends that morning, and my hasty tone made it clear … Continue reading Clarion Call Eight : My Chance, Sango, and the Little Child.

Clarion Call Seven

I thought long and hard but I could not think of a clever, preferably anonymous way of getting to the NYSC authorities to register my suspicions about the ridiculous amount we’d been made to pay so eventually, I abandoned caution and just went for it directly. The next afternoon, I walked to the admin block, … Continue reading Clarion Call Seven

The Clarion Call VI : Flashpoint.

I am continuing from where I left off, the scene in my hostel when I announced to my friend, Fiyi with a mischievous twinkle in my eye that I would find the girl I had last seen on the second day of the camp. My earnest search for the ‘shiny girl’ began the next day, … Continue reading The Clarion Call VI : Flashpoint.

Clarion Call IV

From last week, “With or without my assent, I had just become an official property of the Nigerian government, and I would need the help of God.” The morning was fairly routine and identical to most of the other mornings in camp. I woke around 4.30am to a frosty cold that whispered temptations of sleep … Continue reading Clarion Call IV

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The Clarion Call II

Walking up from the field, the illustrious Mammy Market was set in a small, uppermost north-east corner of the camp. It had little less than one score canopies spread out in all directions, including centre. I think most people went there primarily for food, I know I did and the majority of traders there sold … Continue reading The Clarion Call II

The Clarion Call I

On that day, one hundred thousand young men and women were summoned from the solace of their homes to one of almost three dozen centers across this country. I was one of them and like each of my colleagues, I had no choice in the matter. We were all going to ‘serve our nation’ with … Continue reading The Clarion Call I