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Zombie WarZ Part 2

Zombie warZ Part 2: Burnt Cookies As told by Donald PenPrince (For part 1 and what happened before. See:http://www.naijastories.com/2015/11/zombie-warz/ ) Two men conversed as smoke billowed out the side of a burning building, in a hallway, on the thirteenth floor of the senate building. Neither seemed concerned by the fire or the jammed elevators. What … Continue reading Zombie WarZ Part 2

The Path of Osiris

SWORD, STAFF AND SCEPTREBOOK 1PATHOFOSIRISPROLOGUE/PREFACEI was in the great Temple of Ramses, situated at Abu Simbel. My path took me through the sanctuary, the room that contained the statues of the four gods of Egypt, the room that contained lots more. The sword Ra-sengis at my side. It is a plain nondescript blade with white … Continue reading The Path of Osiris

Gauntlet of Feona Published!!!

Hi guys It’s been a long time and I’m absolutely pleased to let you know that since official publishing, the Gauntlet of Feona has been doing very well with 796 copies sold in the past 90 day timeline. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who read, commented and supported me here.  This … Continue reading Gauntlet of Feona Published!!!