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Kismet 5

Femi turned on the tape recorder and faced the young woman seated before him. He inhaled deeply and smiled at her. “Miss or Mrs Catherine?” He asked as she snorted and looked away. “Okay, I’ll just call you Catherine” he said but when she did not reply, he continued. “Tell me about your relationship with … Continue reading Kismet 5

Da Hub EPISODE 1 (The preface)

  EPISODE 1 (The preface) There was an unusual calmness in the early hours of that Friday just 3weeks into the new semester. The hostel was known for its liveliness and a lot of movements could be heard even in odd hours during the night owing to the fact that someone was always throwing a party. I guess … Continue reading Da Hub EPISODE 1 (The preface)

The Guest Chapter 9

Mark picked up the letter, opened it up, and saw a positive result of a pregnancy test. He pretended not to see it, and held it out to Jenny. Jenny came back to get her piece of paper, as Mark stared at her with an ill adjusted warm smile-while she approached. She saw his expression … Continue reading The Guest Chapter 9