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What Goes aROUND

What goes around is the tragedy of Baba Risika, popularly known as Baba Risi. Iya Risika is his wife, he wasn’t a polygamist so she was his only wife although they were not legally married. After her fourth child for him, Iya Risika became almost three times bigger than the lady he had married – … Continue reading What Goes aROUND

Forbidden Love (episode 8)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 7 Continuation… Still in shock, laying down on the bed and staring into space, uncle Sam said,”Meso, stand up now and go and clean yourself or do you want me to wash up for you?” I didn’t say a word, I only stood up, picked up my … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 8)

Forbidden Love (episode 7)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 6 Five days later, after school on Friday, uncle Sam came to pick me and Esther up. I begged my parents earlier to let me spend the night with Esther at uncle Sam’s since I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to do that when I … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 7)

The Q-Corner: The Power of Conji

  When I was younger, I used to hear people complain about how conji wanted to kill them. Then, I used to find it extremely funny, so I would laugh and laugh until tears came out from my eyes, because even though I couldn’t quite understand what ‘having conji” meant, the word was just jocose but … Continue reading The Q-Corner: The Power of Conji

A Taste On The Side 2

CHAPTER TWO The Encounter Ivory Hotels as far as Femi was concerned was one of the coolest hotels in Lagos. Probably that was an exaggeration but he could care less. He’d been there for at least three times now and had really started to consider making it his permanent residence as long as the money … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 2

A Taste On The Side 1

CHAPTER ONE Ebere felt a chill run down her spine as he held her face and pulled her mouth into his. His kiss was hot and desperate as he dug deeper, touring and teasing every corner of her mouth with his tongue. Soon, she could feel the wetness building up gradually between her thighs as … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 1

Family Secrets 6

    CHAPTER SIX “Like I said…I have nothing to say” Dafe retorted furiously as he began to climb the stairs up to the main entrance of the house. “But sir, it’s been rumored that your mother did not die of natural causes” the sternest of the three reporters that was swamping around him insisted. … Continue reading Family Secrets 6

Pleasure – She Likes It?

“There is a moment during rape, when the girl feels the pleasure too” Dukan’s friends had stated that clearly in his ears several times, but he had doubted, because it sounded impossible. The times he felt the urge, he subdued it. Dukan held himself powerfully against his wish because he couldn’t rape, he couldn’t bare … Continue reading Pleasure – She Likes It?