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Sounds Of Silence

SOUNDS OF SILENCE NOT RAPE So she turned your request down And your talk was “You shall see” thus a plot was laid, by you and your accomplice to do the devil’s bid, rape the innocent lady who is supposedly arrogant for not replying you when you beckoned on her “heyz, fine girl” She was … Continue reading Sounds Of Silence

Journey To Italy- Untold Stories Of A Returnee (4)

DURKU! that’s what she called the place. It’s a small village from where we were to board a jeep that will take us across the border into Libya. After raping us all, madam UC pleaded with the leader to drop us at durku. He refused at first, they even left. She had began to sob … Continue reading Journey To Italy- Untold Stories Of A Returnee (4)

Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Read up E01 here Read up E02 here The memories of last night were still hazy. Ms. Jane still couldn’t think clearly. In fragments, images of Bane ramming her flickered through her mind. For each image she saw her heart skipped a beat: the guilt of having Hugo besides her caused that. “Are you alright?” … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

And Another Love Story (2)

“Sir, I am really sorry to hear about this,” Doctor Festus spoke sincerely with his trademark baritone, “I’d advise you get across to the police department immediately. However, please it is very important to tell your wife not to partake in any form ofdouching, at least not for now.” The phone was on speaker, Oye’s … Continue reading And Another Love Story (2)

What Goes aROUND

What goes around is the tragedy of Baba Risika, popularly known as Baba Risi. Iya Risika is his wife, he wasn’t a polygamist so she was his only wife although they were not legally married. After her fourth child for him, Iya Risika became almost three times bigger than the lady he had married – … Continue reading What Goes aROUND

Forbidden Love (episode 8)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 7 Continuation… Still in shock, laying down on the bed and staring into space, uncle Sam said,”Meso, stand up now and go and clean yourself or do you want me to wash up for you?” I didn’t say a word, I only stood up, picked up my … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 8)