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“For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away” (1)

I got married last year June to Adigun Olufisayo Raymond, my supposed dream man. I have been married for just 10 months, and I already want a divorce. I miss HOME. I have tried to condone everything he and his family have been putting me through, but for the sake of my health and condition, … Continue reading “For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away” (1)

To Love a Liar (2)

“I’m sorry Al., b…but this madness has got to stop. We have–” “What do you by ‘this madness has got to stop’?” he demanded, cutting her off in mid-sentence. They were in another hotel room in one of the obscure parts of Lagos. “All these…” Mary Jane swept her hands in a helpless gesture. “I … Continue reading To Love a Liar (2)

Musings of a once innocent child

Do you remember how some 10 years ago in your life, you- young, healthy, boisterous, full of hope, love and belief- saw yourself today as a chartered accountant, or a practicing lawyer, or a pilot, an engineer? How sweet! I remember! I particularly remember how during one of my primary school classes, my teacher asked … Continue reading Musings of a once innocent child